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Electronic Materials

We offer a variety of materials for energy applications, such as organic semiconducting products for use in high performance devices (OPVs, OLEDs and OTFTs) to support academic research and industrial manufacturing. Compared to inorganic materials, organic materials are flexible, relatively cost-effective, and easy to manufacture. For example, organic materials are used as components of conductive inks, so devices can be efficiently fabricated using inkjet printing technology.

Self-Assembly & Contact Printing
Self-Assembly & Contact Printing

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of self-assembly and nanoimprinting materials for effective target surface modification and precise transferal of micropatterns and nanopatterns to enable high-performance micro- and nanoelectronics.

Computer illustration of a spherical gold nanoparticle floating through abstract background.
Inorganic & Metallic Nanomaterials

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of inorganic and metallic nanomaterials, functionalized nanoparticles, and nanomaterial kits for your research needs.

OFET & OPV Materials
OFET & OPV Materials

We provide a comprehensive portfolio of OFET and OPV materials and inks including organic semiconductors, organic conductors, dielectric materials and inorganic transport materials, as well as pre-patterned substrates and device components.

Electronic Chemicals & Etchants
Electronic Chemicals & Etchants

We offer a broad range of electronic chemicals and etchants used in electronic device fabrication, such as electroplating, lithography, etching, doping and packaging.

Carbon Nanomaterials
Carbon Nanomaterials

A comprehensive offering of carbon nanomaterials from fullerene, to carbon nanotubes, graphene, carbon quantum dots and nanodiamonds to empower your research and development in energy storage, high performing electronics, smart composites, and novel nano therapeutics. 

Photonic & Optical Materials
Photonic & Optical Materials

Light up your research with our comprehensive portfolio of photonic and optical materials, including laser, infrared, near-infrared, chemiluminescent, photochromic, thermochromic, phthalocyanine, and porphyrin dyes, as well as photoluminescent, non-linear optical (NLO) and waveguide materials.

Light-emitting materials for organic light emitting diode (OLED)
OLED & PLED Materials

We offer a selection of high purity, state-of-art dopant and emitter materials, host materials, and charge transport materials to facilitate your OLED and PLED research

Scientist wearing protective clothing inspecting prefabricated pre-patterned electronic device substrate
Substrates & Prefab Electronic Components

We offer a range of prefabricated device components, including pre-patterned electrodes, TEM grids, and electrochemical equipment, to enhance the workflow of your research in OFET, nanodevice characterization and electrochemical electronics.

Representative chemical structure of polysiloxane, commonly known as silicone and silicone oil
Silicone Materials

We offer a range of silicone materials with different molecular weights, chemical substitutes and terminal groups for use in soft lithography, surface modification, ink formulation, electronic packaging, thermal management, and biomedical applications.

Image of plastic chain made from specialty polymer called thermoset used in high structural strength applications.
Specialty & Smart Polymers

We offer a broad range of specialty and smart polymers, including thermoset and thermoplastic polymers, photo-curable resins, epoxies and 3D printing polymer filaments to meet your high-strength structural material needs.

Printed electronic device held by a researcher.
Printed Electronic Materials

We have a comprehensive offering of inks for inkjet printing, screen printing, aerosol jet printing and blade coating to enhance your workflow in flexible printed circuits, organic electronics, and novel sensors.

Liquid crystals are flowable liquids, with orientational and positional order of constituent molecules found in a typical crystal material
Liquid Crystals

We provide well-defined liquid crystal materials spanning nematic, cholesteric, smectic, and discotic phases, as well as liquid crystal polymers and mesogens to facilitate the design of ordered, smart, stimuli-responsive molecular systems.

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