High-Purity Metals & Alloys

Image shows section of metal elements and their symbols and atomic numbers in the periodic table.

Metals are pure single elements; alloys are mixtures of two or more elements, where at least one element is a metal. Metal compounds can be combined to create a resulting heterogenous alloy that has enhanced properties, such as increased strength or hardness, high-temperature resistance, good thermal conductivity, or chemical corrosion resistance.    

We offer a diverse portfolio of high-purity metals, binary and ternary metal compounds, magnetic alloys, metal oxides, nanomaterials, and organometallic precursors in various forms, compositions, dispersions, particle sizes and weights for all your research and commercial applications. Our packaging solutions are designed for ease of handling and use, even in oxygen- and moisture-sensitive applications.

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High-quality metal purification

The primary focus of our manufacturing facility in Urbana, Illinois, USA is on the purification of inorganics and metals for a variety of high technology applications. Our expertise in metal purification allows for production of the purest alkali earth and rare earth metals, consisting of over 300 high-purity metals with 99.999% (5N) purity or higher. We also offer custom production of alloys and other materials according to your degree of purity, water content, and monodispersity needs.

Beaded materials

Our beaded metals and alloys are uniquely engineered powders that are processed into smooth, spherical particles with lower surface areas relative to traditional powders. These free-flowing powders are ideal for controlled atmosphere processes, reducing water absorption and minimizing caking, dusting, and static buildup. Granular materials provide several advantages over fine powders, including increased crucible packing densities as well as lower volatility in high temperature solid-state processes. Our metal and alloy beads can be delivered into narrow sample chambers through pneumatic loading to prevent settling and clogging issues associated with fine powder.

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