PCR & Amplification

You PCR amplification workflow is dependent on both high-quality nucleic acid templates and reliable PCR reagents and kits. Our portfolio of PCR reagents, kits, whole genome amplification kits, consumables, and benchtop thermocyclers provide end-to-end PCR workflow solutions. Explore our comprehensive offering of PCR amplification products and make your next breakthrough.  

A gloved hand holding a test tube with a green substance over a rack of other test tubes in a laboratory setting.
PCR Reagents & Kits

Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) is a mainstay in molecular biology labs. PCR is used for amplifying DNA by several orders of magnitude and our reagents and resources are suitable for numerous research workflows including, gene expression analysis, genotyping, sequencing, and mutagenesis application needs.

A pipette dispensing liquid into a microtiter plate with multiple clear wells.
PCR Supplies & Equipment

PCR tubes, tips, filter tips, plates, plate sealers, PCR thermocyclers and additional consumables to support your PCR workflow.

A red box labeled ‘AMPLIFICATION KIT’ next to several small bottles with different colored caps on a white surface in a laboratory setting.
Whole Genome Amplification

Whole Genome Amplification (WGA) kits, reagents, and protocols to support your WGA workflow.

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