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Our wide range of cell culture supplements is designed with one goal in mind: to help grow your success. All over the world, biopharmaceutical companies rely on our products to satisfy the fundamental nutrition needs of cell culture processes, knowing from experience that our quality products and expertise can help them improve productivity and stability, while mitigating risk. 

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  • Data Sheet: CellPrime® rAlbumin

    CellPrime® rAlbumin is a GMP-manufactured, non-animal origin (NAO) recombinant media supplement, ensuring excellent quality, superior performance, and lot-to-lot consistency. It is expressed from a synthetic DNA insert encoding the human albumin gene sequence in the yeast Pichia pastoris, and like all recombinant CellPrime® products, it does not contain components of animal or human origin throughout its manufacturing process.

  • Data Sheet: 4512 CellPrime® rInsulin

    Insulin plays a critical role in mammalian cell culture biomanufacturing, enhancing cell growth, protein production, and long-term viability of various cell lines. It is a pivotal component in upstream media formulations for the production of monoclonal antibody therapeutics, viral vaccines, and various recombinant biomolecules such as coagulation factors.

  • Data Sheet: CellPrime® rTrypsin

    Pancreatic trypsin, a ~23 kD serine protease, has been crucial in stem cell propagation, vaccine manufacturing, and precursor maturation in therapeutic recombinant insulin production as a dissociation agent and manufacturing aid. It specifically cleaves the peptide backbone after arginine or lysine residues.

  • Data Sheet: CellPrime® rTrypsin Recombinant Trypsin for Stem Cell Manufacturing

    A proprietary recombinant trypsin alternative has been added to the CellPrime® portfolio to meet the increased market demand for non-animal origin cell culture reagents, ensuring a safe and sustainable supply for stem cell propagation and addressing the risk of introducing adventitious viral agents into the manufacturing process.

  • Product Sheet: CellPrime® rTrypsin Recombinant trypsin

    CellPrime® rTrypsin is a non-animal origin product, recombinantly expressed from a synthetic DNA construct encoding the porcine gene sequence in the yeast Pichia pastoris. It does not contain components of animal origin throughout its manufacturing process, from the Master Cell Bank (MCB) and Working Cell Bank (WCB) to the final product.

  • Data Sheet: CellPrime® rTransferrin Data Sheet

    CellPrime® rTransferrin AF is designed for industrial cell culture applications, aiming to facilitate extracellular iron binding and transport, thereby promoting viability and proliferation in cells grown in serum-free media. It offers the advantages of natural plasma-derived transferrin while ensuring non-animal origin compliance.

  • Flyer: One-Stop-Shop Protein Recovery from Inclusion Bodies

    The increasing demand for biotherapeutics as well as healthcare cost pressures have spurred an intense search for more cost effective, faster and more efficient alternative expression systems.

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Recombinant Growth Factors and Transport Proteins

All our recombinant, non-animal origin (NAO) supplements are specifically formulated for cell culture applications. Recombinant manufacturing in state-of-the-art, cGMP production facilities ensures reliable and consistent supply, while also supporting simplified regulatory processes. You will find an industry-leading selection of recombinant supplements and process enzymes for your specific application, including:


  • CellPrime® rAlbumin – ideally suited for media development, optimization or supplementation, it is used as an animal-free substitute for human/bovine serum albumin, removing the variability introduced by blood-derived proteins and safeguarding against adventitious virus or prion contaminations.
  • CellPrime® rTransferrin – often used to replace serum transferrin in combination with recombinant albumin and recombinant insulin as a supplement mix in cell culture media formulations, CellPrime® rTransferrin removes the variability introduced by blood-derived proteins and safeguards against adventitious virus or prion contaminations.
  • CellPrime® rInsulin – extending the long-term viability of various cell lines while enhancing cell growth and protein production, this NAO supplement is often used in upstream processes for monoclonal antibodies (mAbs), viral vaccines, and stem cell expansion.

Process Enzymes

  • CellPrime® rTrypsin – used to dissociate and resuspend adherent cells during harvest in vaccine production, it can also be utilized for stem cell cultures, dislodging adherent cells grown on carriers while preserving the structural and functional integrity of cell surface markers. Other applications include recombinant insulin manufacturing and general life science cell culturing.
  • CellPrime® rTrypsin STD – a companion product to CellPrime® rTrypsin, it is released against the criteria set forth in the USP monograph for crystallized trypsin (USP 43, 2013). Specific activity is determined using BAEE as the substrate, with less stringent requirements for distribution between the alpha and beta isoforms of the enzyme.
  • CellPrime® rLysozome – more potent than animal-derived enzymes, CellPrime® rLysozome can be used to lyse bacterial cells more conveniently and gently at a comparable cost, while offering a non-animal derived safety profile.

Other Supplements

As part of our comprehensive portfolio, we also offer animal-derived cell culture supplements used globally in diagnostics and numerous commercial biopharmaceutical products. While mammalian cells can be challenging to work with from a bioprocessing perspective, our experience and stringent product quality help you tackle complex processing and scale-up parameters with confidence.

In addition, we produce a variety of complementary products for specific cell culture and in vitro diagnostics (IVD) applications. Products such as bovine transferrin, EX-CYTE®, and bovine gamma globulin, for example, are specifically designed and produced to meet the quality and documentation needs of customers operating in a regulated environment.

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