Viscosity Reduction Platform

Reducing viscosity of highly concentrated monoclonal antibody (mAb) formulation to enable subcutaneous delivery

Carrying out intended dosing regimens often require highly concentrated protein formulations that may be too viscous for subcutaneous administration or other routes of administration that are limited by volume. While reducing viscosity with a single excipient can be ineffective or compromising protein stability, our platform featuring combinations of viscosity-reducing agents provides a variety of manufacturing and final formulation benefits.

Enabling Subcutaneous Formulation of Biologics

Our Viscosity Reduction Platform enables subcutaneous formulation of highly concentrated protein biologics, bringing together increased concentrations and improved downstream processing.

Our offering comprises:

  • Proprietary new excipient combinations to enable your target concentration. Commercial use licenses are available.
  • Commercial supply of excipients in Emprove® Expert quality to support your clinical development and commercialization
  • Application know-how to support the selection of the most promising solution for your protein of interest

Supporting screening for your protein

Your in-house screening (free-of-charge)
Your in-house screening (free-of-charge)
  • Test kit
  • User guide
  • Technical consultancy
Feasibility testing service (fee-for-service)
Feasibility testing service (fee-for-service)

Do you have a viscosity issue but no resources to test the platform? We offer support via our Feasibility Testing Service:

  • Screen the platform with your protein of interest
  • Support in finding the most promising combination
  • Highest viscosity reduction to achieve your target concentration whilst maintaining protein stability

The benefits of the Viscosity Reduction Platform include:

  • Efficient viscosity reduction via synergistic excipient combinations
  • Platform flexibility with the right solution for your protein
  • Maintenance of protein stability
  • Well characterized safety profile (prior parenteral in-human applications and toxicological assessment available upon request)
  • IP protection for competitive differentiation

The result: subcutaneous administration of protein-based therapeutics to improve patient compliance and help avoid hospitalization.


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