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Duolink® Proximity Ligation Assay

Duolink® Proximity Ligation Assays (PLA) enable the studying of endogenous Protein-Protein Interactions (PPI) and Post-Translational Modifications, providing a fluorescent signal for a single event that can be visualized by either microscopy or flow cytometry. To study Protein-Protein Interactions, Duolink® PLA technology uses a pair of antibodies labeled with oligonucleotides which when present within 40 nm undertake rolling circle amplification to generate a specific fluorescent signal after the addition of labeled probes.

Available in four different colors, for both flow cytometry and microscopy, Duolink® PLA allows for the visualization of multiple Protein-Protein Interactions per cell. Uncover the opportunities in your research with amplified performance and the benefits of Duolink® PLA technology:

  • Visualize protein interactions – both stable and transient
  • Visualize post-translational modifications
  • Detect endogenous proteins – no overexpression or genetic manipulation
  • High specificity – use of two antibodies/probes eliminates false positives
  • No special equipment needed – standard immunofluorescence and flow cytometry-based methods available

Duolink® PLA Products

  • Duolink® PLA Starter Kits contains all the necessary reagents you need to perform a fluorescent experiment and analyze up to 30 samples.
  • Duolink® Probemaker Kits enable the conjugation of a PLA oligo (PLUS or MINUS) to any antibody.
  • Duolink® PLA Multicolor Kits allow for multiple PPI visualizations by microscopy.
  • Duolink® flowPLA Detection Kits enables flow cytometry applications using four colors: green, orange, red, and far red.
  • Duolink® PLA Brightfield Detection contains oligonucleotides labeled with horseradish peroxidase (HRP) allowing use with a light microscope.

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