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Rhenium-Oxo Catalysts
Rhenium(V) forms a large number of stable octahedral complexes with multiple bonds to oxygen with traditional Re systems focusing on formal, stoichiometric oxygen atom transfer to organic reductants such as phosphines, alkenes, and sulfides.
Silicon Nitride Atomic Layer Deposition: A Brief Review of Precursor Chemistry
atomic layer deposition (ALD), microelectronics, Mo:Al2O3 films, nanocomposite coating, photovoltaics, semiconductor devices, W:Al2O3 films, composite films, layer-by-layer
Chemistry in Flames: From Oxide to Salt and Metal Nanoparticles
Small-scale materials with particle diameters in the nanometer range have already been used for a long time. The Chinese used carbon black, derived from a combustion process for painting applications a long time before modern technology allowed its industrial production.
Group 11 Thin Films by Atomic Layer Deposition
Copper metal deposition processes are an essential tool for depositing interconnects used in microelectronic applications, giving group 11 (coinage metals: Copper, Silver, and Gold) an important place in atomic layer deposition (ALD) process development.
Recent Developments on Hydrogen Release from Ammonia Borane
Record crude oil prices combined with public interest in energy security have resulted in increased attention to a potential transportation economy based on hydrogen fuel.

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