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Bharathi Avula et al.
Journal of AOAC International, 98(3), 757-759 (2015-06-19)
The central nervous system stimulant 1,3-dimethylamylamine (DMAA) has been found in preworkout products and dietary supplements. A fast direct analysis in real time-quadrupole time of flight-MS method was used for identification of DMAA in dietary supplements and to determine if
Kyung Tai Lee et al.
Foot & ankle international, 35(12), 1329-1333 (2014-09-23)
Hallux valgus is speculated to increase the load on the second metatarsophalangeal (MTP) joint, possibly inducing degenerative osteoarthritis. In addition, the severity of arthritis may be correlated with the severity of hallux valgus. This study evaluated the association of arthritis
Sonia D'Souza et al.
Biomaterials, 35(35), 9447-9458 (2014-08-26)
The field of polymer-based membrane engineering has expanded since we first demonstrated the reaction of N-hydroxysuccinimide ester-terminated polymers with cells and tissues almost two decades ago. One remaining obstacle, especially for conjugation of polymers to cells, has been that exquisite
Marek Janko et al.
Biomacromolecules, 16(7), 2179-2187 (2015-06-24)
The properties of paper sheets can be tuned by adjusting the surface or bulk chemistry using functional polymers that are applied during (online) or after (offline) papermaking processes. In particular, polymers are widely used to enhance the mechanical strength of
Fate of dicrotophos in the soil environment.
Lee PW, et al.
Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 37(4), 1169-1174 (1989)
Synthesis of gold nanoparticles using< i> N</i>,< i> N</i>-dimethylacetoacetamide: Size and shape control by the reaction temperature.
Song JH, et al.
Current Applied Physics, 6(2), 216-218 (2006)
Andrew T Bauman et al.
Protein expression and purification, 51(1), 34-38 (2006-08-26)
Rat PHM (peptidylglycine alpha-hydroxylating monooxygenase; EC expressed in CHO DG44 cells as a recombinant protein (rat PHMcc, residues 42-356 cloned in the pCIS vector, A.S. Kolhekar, H.T. Keutman, R. E. Mains, A.S.W. Quon, B.A. Eipper, Biochemistry 36 (1997) 10901-10909)
M J Spencer et al.
Experimental cell research, 226(2), 264-272 (1996-08-01)
Previous studies have shown that calpains are autolytically cleaved during the disease process of mdx dystrophy, a mouse model for Duchenne muscular dystrophy, indicating that calpains may be activated and play a role in proteolysis that occurs in muscular dystrophy
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