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Mireia Subinya et al.
Colloids and surfaces. B, Biointerfaces, 131, 108-114 (2015-05-15)
The paper at hand deals with the influence of the pH-value on the conformation and activity of the lipase B from Candida antarctica (CalB) which is incorporated in a bicontinuous microemulsion. The microemulsion used for this purpose consists of water/NaCl...
Hyeong Jun Lim et al.
Physical chemistry chemical physics : PCCP, 16(33), 17466-17472 (2014-07-16)
The Hansen solubility parameters (HSPs) of as-produced multi-walled carbon nanotubes (APMWCNTs) were determined by means of the inverse gas chromatography (IGC) technique. Due to non-homogeneous surfaces of the APMWCNTs arising from defects and impurities, it was necessary to establish adequate...
Hyeong Jin Yun et al.
Nature communications, 11(1), 5280-5280 (2020-10-21)
The emerging technology of colloidal quantum dot electronics provides an opportunity for combining the advantages of well-understood inorganic semiconductors with the chemical processability of molecular systems. So far, most research on quantum dot electronic devices has focused on materials based...
Anna Kolecka et al.
Folia microbiologica, 60(1), 45-51 (2014-08-08)
The influence of acidic (5.6) and neutral (7.0) pH and glucose concentrations (0.9 and 2 %) was determined in in vitro biofilm formation and the cell surface hydrophobicity (CSH) in fluconazole (FLC) susceptible and tolerant yeasts of Candida albicans. The determination...
Florentina Villanueva et al.
International journal of hygiene and environmental health, 218(6), 522-534 (2015-05-31)
Twenty nine organic air pollutants including carbonyl compounds, alkanes, aromatic hydrocarbons and terpenes were measured in the indoor environment of different houses together with the corresponding outdoor measurements in Puertollano, the most industrialized city in central Iberian Peninsula. VOCs were...
Mariela Ivanova et al.
Electrophoresis, 24(6), 992-998 (2003-03-27)
Microemulsion electrokinetic chromatography was applied for the separation of levetiracetam from other antiepileptic drugs (primidone, phenobarbital, phenytoin, lamotrigine and carbamazepine) that are potentially coadministered in therapy of patients. The influence of the composition of the microemulsion system (with sodium dodecyl...
David L Cheung
Langmuir : the ACS journal of surfaces and colloids, 28(23), 8730-8736 (2012-05-18)
Hydrophobins are small, amphiphilic proteins expressed by strains of filamentous fungi. They fulfill a number of biological functions, often related to adsorption at hydrophobic interfaces, and have been investigated for a number of applications in materials science and biotechnology. In...
Jay A Kroll et al.
The journal of physical chemistry. A, 122(39), 7782-7789 (2018-09-07)
We studied the reaction of electronically excited sulfur dioxide in the triplet state (3SO2) with a variety of alkane species, including propane, n-butane, isobutane, n-pentane, n-hexane, cyclohexane, n-octane, and n-nonane. Reaction rate constants for the photoinitiated reaction of SO2 with...
Xian-Long Du et al.
ChemSusChem, 8(20), 3489-3496 (2015-09-15)
The N-methylation of amines with CO2 and H2 is an important step in the synthesis of bioactive compounds and chemical intermediates. The first heterogeneous Au catalyst is reported for this methylation reaction with good to excellent yields. The average turnover...
Jasdip S Koner et al.
Scientific reports, 5, 16352-16352 (2015-11-11)
Mannitol is an essential excipient employed in orally disintegrating tablets due to its high palatability. However its fundamental disadvantage is its fragmentation during direct compression, producing mechanically weak tablets. The primary aim of this study was to assess the fracture...
Brandon S Albright et al.
Journal of virology, 89(1), 443-453 (2014-10-17)
During DNA encapsidation, herpes simplex virus 1 (HSV-1) procapsids are converted to DNA-containing capsids by a process involving activation of the viral protease, expulsion of the scaffold proteins, and the uptake of viral DNA. Encapsidation requires six minor capsid proteins...
Mohd Zulhilmi Abdul Rahman et al.
Protein science : a publication of the Protein Society, 21(8), 1210-1221 (2012-06-14)
The activation of lipases has been postulated to proceed by interfacial activation, temperature switch activation, or aqueous activation. Recently, based on molecular dynamics (MD) simulation experiments, the T1 lipase activation mechanism was proposed to involve aqueous activation in addition to...
Víctor Sebastian et al.
Nanoscale, 6(21), 13228-13235 (2014-09-27)
Compared to freestanding nanoparticles, supported nanostructures typically show better mechanical stability as well as ease of handling. Unique shapes such as core-shells, raspberries and crescents have been developed on supported materials to gain improved chemical and optical properties along with...
Mafumi Hishida et al.
Chemistry and physics of lipids, 188, 61-67 (2015-05-11)
Phase behavior and structural properties were examined for phospholipid bilayers having different headgroups (DMPC, DMPS and DMPE) with added n-alkanes to study effect of flexible additives. Change in the temperatures of main transition of the lipid/alkane mixtures against the length...
Ankur S Chaurasia et al.
Chemphyschem : a European journal of chemical physics and physical chemistry, 16(2), 403-411 (2014-11-11)
We present a facile approach for producing large and monodisperse core-shell drops with ultrathin shells using a single-step process. A biphasic compound jet is introduced into a quiescent third (outer) phase that ruptures to form core-shell drops. Ultrathin shelled drops...
Eagleson M.
Concise Encyclopedia Chemistry, 743-743 (1994)
Tom Tytgat et al.
Journal of laboratory automation, 17(2), 134-143 (2012-02-24)
Photocatalytic activity can be studied by several methods, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. To study photocatalytic activity in an easy, user-friendly, and realistic way, a completely new setup has been built. The setup is modularly constructed around Fourier...
Loïc Etienne et al.
PloS one, 10(9), e0137182-e0137182 (2015-09-05)
Hepatitis C virus (HCV) assembly is still poorly understood. It is thought that trafficking of the HCV core protein to the lipid droplet (LD) surface is essential for its multimerization and association with newly synthesized HCV RNA to form the...
Dongwook Kwon et al.
Environmental science and pollution research international, 22(16), 12029-12034 (2015-04-16)
Hydrocarbons found in the environment are typically characterized by gas chromatography (GC). The shape of the GC chromatogram has been used to identify the source of petroleum contamination. However, the conventional practice of simply comparing the peak patterns of source...
Saeko Takada et al.
Molecular biology of the cell, 26(10), 1811-1828 (2015-03-27)
DNA damage responses, including mitotic centrosome inactivation, cell-cycle delay in mitosis, and nuclear dropping from embryo cortex, maintain genome integrity in syncytial Drosophila embryos. A conserved signaling kinase, Chk2, known as Mnk/Loki, is essential for the responses. Here we demonstrate...
Dirk Mühlbauer et al.
Journal of virology, 89(11), 6009-6021 (2015-03-27)
Influenza A viruses (IAV) replicate their segmented RNA genome in the nucleus of infected cells and utilize caspase-dependent nucleocytoplasmic export mechanisms to transport newly formed ribonucleoprotein complexes (RNPs) to the site of infectious virion release at the plasma membrane. In...
C Claes et al.
Bulletin de la Societe belge d'ophtalmologie, 238, 145-150 (1990-01-01)
Perfluoro-octane is used as an intraoperative tool for manipulation of the retina during vitreous surgery for retinal detachment in cases of proliferative vitreoretinopathy (PVR), giant tears and large peripheral retinotomies. One case of a macular hole combined with a peripheral...
Xiaoying Cui et al.
Psychopharmacology, 232(3), 509-517 (2014-07-30)
Repeated exposure to psychostimulants that either increase dopamine (DA) release or target N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptors can induce behavioural sensitisation, a phenomenon that may be important for the processes of addiction and even psychosis. A critical component of behavioural sensitisation is...
Xiao-Yu Liu et al.
Organic & biomolecular chemistry, 10(7), 1411-1417 (2011-12-24)
A convergent and efficient formal synthesis of (±)-atisine has been accomplished. The synthetic strategy is to efficiently construct the bicyclo[2.2.2]octane ring moiety by an oxidative dearomatization/intramolecular Diels-Alder cycloaddition cascade. The first total synthesis of another atisine-type C(20)-diterpenoid alkaloid, (±)-isoazitine, has...
Lin Wang et al.
ACS applied materials & interfaces, 10(23), 19828-19835 (2018-05-19)
All-inorganic cesium halide perovskite nanocrystals have attracted much interest in optoelectronic applications for the sake of the readily adjustable band gaps, high photoluminescence quantum yield, pure color emission, and affordable cost. However, because of the ineluctable utilization of organic surfactants...
Taiki Moriya et al.
Cell calcium, 57(1), 25-37 (2014-12-07)
Neurones in the supraoptic nucleus (SON) of the hypothalamus possess intrinsic osmosensing mechanisms, which are lost in transient receptor potential vanilloid 1 (Trpv1)-knock-out mice. The molecular nature of the osmosensory mechanism in SON neurones is believed to be associated with...
Effective production of octane from biomass derivatives under mild conditions.
Xu W, et al.
ChemSusChem, 4(12), 1758-1761 (2011)
Ben Li et al.
Journal of hazardous materials, 211-212, 296-303 (2011-11-08)
The sulfur in gasoline will convert to SO(2) after combustion under high temperature, which adversely affects human health and the environment. Membrane technique in particular pervaporation offers a number of potential advantages over conventional FCC gasoline desulfurization processes. The present...
Nicole M Ashpole et al.
American journal of physiology. Heart and circulatory physiology, 307(6), H858-H868 (2014-07-20)
Whole brain radiation therapy (WBRT) induces profound cerebral microvascular rarefaction throughout the hippocampus. Despite the vascular loss and localized cerebral hypoxia, angiogenesis fails to occur, which subsequently induces long-term deficits in learning and memory. The mechanisms underlying the absence of...
Henriikka Kentala et al.
Steroids, 99(Pt B), 248-258 (2015-02-15)
Oxysterol-binding protein (OSBP) and its homologues (ORPs) are lipid-binding/transfer proteins with affinity for oxysterols, cholesterol and glycerophospholipids. In addition to a ligand-binding domain, a majority of the ORPs carry a pleckstrin homology domain that targets organelle membranes via phosphoinositides, and...

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