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Nar Singh Chauhan et al.
Indian journal of microbiology, 57(3), 299-306 (2017-09-15)
A metagenomic library of sea sediment metagenome containing 245,000 recombinant clones representing ~ 2.45 Gb of sea sediment microbial DNA was constructed. Two unique arsenic resistance clones, A7 and A12, were identified by selection on sodium arsenite containing medium. Clone A7 showed a...
Nozomu Suzuki et al.
ACS nano, 10(2), 1744-1755 (2016-01-09)
Chiral nanostructures from metals and semiconductors attract wide interest as components for polarization-enabled optoelectronic devices. Similarly to other fields of nanotechnology, graphene-based materials can greatly enrich physical and chemical phenomena associated with optical and electronic properties of chiral nanostructures and...
Anja Riemenschneider et al.
The FEBS journal, 272(5), 1291-1304 (2005-02-22)
In several organisms D-cysteine desulfhydrase (D-CDes) activity (EC was measured; this enzyme decomposes D-cysteine into pyruvate, H2S, and NH3. A gene encoding a putative D-CDes protein was identified in Arabidopsis thaliana (L) Heynh. based on high homology to an...
Piotr Koprowski et al.
PloS one, 10(5), e0127029-e0127029 (2015-05-23)
Bacterial mechano-sensitive (MS) channels reside in the inner membrane and are considered to act as emergency valves whose role is to lower cell turgor when bacteria enter hypo-osmotic environments. However, there is emerging evidence that members of the Mechano-sensitive channel...
Yuping Xing et al.
Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry, 408(1), 141-150 (2015-10-27)
D-Amino acids are increasingly being recognized as important signaling molecules, and abnormal levels of D-amino acids have been implicated in the pathogenesis of Alzheimer's disease. To evaluate the potential relationship between Alzheimer's disease and D-amino acids, a simple, sensitive, and...
Roohullah Hemmati et al.
Photochemistry and photobiology, 91(4), 828-836 (2015-02-11)
Luciferin-regenerating enzyme (LRE) contributes to in vitro recycling of D-luciferin. In this study, reinvestigation of the luciferase-based LRE assay is reported. Here, using quick change site-directed mutagenesis seven T-LRE (Lampyris turkestanicusLRE) mutants were constructed and the most functional mutant of...
Luan Kelves M Souza et al.
Nitric oxide : biology and chemistry, 64, 1-6 (2017-02-01)
Hydrogen sulfide (H
Glyn B Steventon et al.
The Journal of pharmacy and pharmacology, 70(8), 1069-1077 (2018-06-09)
To determine the Km , Vmax , cofactor, activator and inhibitor requirements of human cysteine dioxygenase and S-carboxymethyl-l-cysteine S-oxygenase with respect to both l-Cysteine and S-carboxymethyl-l-cysteine as substrates. In vitro human hepatic cytosolic fraction enzyme assays were optimised for cysteine...
Yu-Ting Tseng et al.
Analytical chemistry, 90(12), 7283-7291 (2018-05-23)
Stereospecific recognition of chiral molecules is ubiquitous in chemical and biological systems, thus leading to strong demand for the development of enantiomeric drugs, enantioselective sensors, and asymmetric catalysts. In this study, we demonstrate the ratio of d-Cys and l-Cys playing...
Xiao-Jun Wang et al.
PloS one, 4(5), e5492-e5492 (2009-05-09)
The transcription factor Nrf2 is the master regulator of a cellular defense mechanism against environmental insults. The Nrf2-mediated antioxidant response is accomplished by the transcription of a battery of genes that encode phase II detoxifying enzymes, xenobiotic transporters, and antioxidants....
Antonia Asimakopoulou et al.
British journal of pharmacology, 169(4), 922-932 (2013-03-16)
Hydrogen sulfide (H₂S) is a signalling molecule that belongs to the gasotransmitter family. Two major sources for endogenous enzymatic production of H₂S are cystathionine β synthase (CBS) and cystathionine γ lyase (CSE). In the present study, we examined the selectivity...
Norihiro Ryuman et al.
Oxidative medicine and cellular longevity, 2011, 450317-450317 (2011-09-10)
The mechanism of protein S-nitrosation in cells is not fully understood. Using rat 3Y1 cells, we addressed this issue. Among S-nitrosothiols and NO donors tested, only S-nitrosocysteine (CysNO) induced S-nitrosation when exposed in Hanks' balanced salt solution (HBSS) and not...
Jing Wang et al.
Nanomaterials (Basel, Switzerland), 8(12) (2018-12-14)
Chiral recognition is of fundamental importance in chemistry and life sciences and the principle of chiral recognition is instructive in chiral separation and enantioselective catalysis. Non-chiral Ag nanoparticles (NPs) conjugated with chiral cysteine (Cys) molecules demonstrate strong circular dichroism (CD)...
Nicodemus C Monear et al.
Toxicology in vitro : an international journal published in association with BIBRA, 63, 104719-104719 (2019-11-13)
During the Flint water crisis, the residents of Flint, Michigan experienced a significant increase in blood lead levels. For some this resulted in an increase as high as 40 μg/dL from 5 μg/dL, which is considered to be safe by the Center...
T Rajah et al.
Toxicology and applied pharmacology, 278(2), 100-106 (2014-04-29)
The caspase inhibitor benzyloxycarbony (Cbz)-l-Val-Ala-Asp (OMe)-fluoromethylketone (z-VAD-FMK) has recently been shown to inhibit T cell proliferation without blocking caspase-8 and caspase-3 activation in primary T cells. We showed in this study that z-VAD-FMK treatment leads to a decrease in intracellular...
Angéla Takács et al.
Scientific reports, 10(1), 14287-14287 (2020-09-02)
Bortezomib (BOZ) is a proteasome inhibitor chemotherapeutic agent utilized to treat multiple myeloma and recently offered to cure melanoma. Bortezomib-induced neuropathy is one of the dose-limiting side-effects, which can be treated with antioxidants (e.g. alpha-lipoic acid-ALA and Vitamin B1-vit B1)....
S Tsukamoto et al.
Arukoru kenkyu to yakubutsu izon = Japanese journal of alcohol studies & drug dependence, 25(5), 429-440 (1990-10-01)
Condensation reactions between some SH-amino acids (L-and D-cysteine 1%) and acetaldehyde (50 microM) were studied in vitro experiment. In the aqueous solution, free acetaldehyde was reduced to 41.3% by L-cysteine and to 36.4% by D-cysteine. In the reaction with human...
Ewan Thomas Macleod et al.
PloS one, 2(2), e239-e239 (2007-02-24)
Trypanosoma brucei brucei infections which establish successfully in the tsetse fly midgut may subsequently mature into mammalian infective trypanosomes in the salivary glands. This maturation is not automatic and the control of these events is complex. Utilising direct in vivo...
Kyo Shirai et al.
Oxidative medicine and cellular longevity, 2012, 326731-326731 (2012-08-01)
3-Morpholinosydnonimine (SIN-1) is used as a donor of peroxynitrite (ONOO(-)) in various studies. We demonstrated, however, that, the cell-culture medium remains cytotoxic to PC12 cells even after almost complete SIN-1 decomposition, suggesting that reaction product(s) in the medium, rather than...
Sun Hyo Kim et al.
Journal of pharmaceutical and biomedical analysis, 100, 58-63 (2014-08-17)
A liquid chromatography-atmospheric pressure chemical ionization-tandem mass spectrometric method (LC-APCI-MS/MS) has been developed for the sensitive determination of antitumor thioproline and methylthioproline from fermented foods. Thioproline and methylthioproline were derivatized in one step with ethyl chloroformate at room temperature. These...
Preparation of chiral quantum dots.
Moloney MP, et al.
Nature Protocols, 10(4), 558-573 (2015)
Marcela Medina et al.
Journal of inflammation (London, England), 5, 19-19 (2008-11-05)
Coeliac disease (CD) is an enteropathy characterized by an aberrant immune response to cereal-gluten proteins. Although gluten peptides and microorganisms activate similar pro-inflammatory pathways, the role the intestinal microbiota may play in this disorder is unknown. The purpose of this...
Yusuke Shibui et al.
Journal of toxicologic pathology, 30(3), 217-229 (2017-08-12)
Two 4-week repeated-dose toxicity studies were conducted to evaluate the potential toxicity of l-cysteine and d-cysteine. In one study, three groups of 6 male rats were each administered l-cysteine once daily by gavage at doses of 500, 1,000, or 2,000...
J Diana Zhang et al.
Analytica chimica acta, 1036, 172-178 (2018-09-27)
The chiral analysis of enantiomers is important because bioactivity can depend strongly on stereochemistry as ligand-protein binding motifs are typically chiral. Ion mobility mass spectrometry-based methods are emerging for the rapid and sensitive chiral analysis of molecules. However, such methods...
Jie Yang et al.
Luminescence : the journal of biological and chemical luminescence, 33(7), 1150-1156 (2018-07-20)
Semiconductor quantum dots (QDs) are a new nano-material, and their unique optical properties have become a focal point of research in both academia and industry. In this study, we studied photoluminescence (PL) intermittence (or 'blinking') behaviors of individual QDs prepared...
Tanuja Rajah et al.
PloS one, 10(4), e0123711-e0123711 (2015-04-29)
The cathepsin B inhibitor, benzyloxycarbonyl-phenylalanine-alanine-fluoromethyl ketone (z-FA-FMK) readily inhibits anti-CD3-induced human T cell proliferation, whereas the analogue benzyloxycarbonyl-phenylalanine-alanine-diazomethyl ketone (z-FA-DMK) had no effect. In contrast, benzyloxycarbonyl-phenylalanine-alanine-chloromethyl ketone (z-FA-CMK) was toxic. The inhibition of T cell proliferation mediated by z-FA-FMK requires...
Theresa K Tiefenbrunn et al.
Protein science : a publication of the Protein Society, 18(5), 970-979 (2009-04-23)
The type 1 repeat domain from thrombospondin has potent antiangiogenic activity and a structurally interesting fold, making it an attractive target for protein engineering. Chemical synthesis is an attractive approach for studying protein domains because it enables the use of...
Sandra Ortega Ugalde et al.
SLAS discovery : advancing life sciences R & D, 24(7), 745-754 (2019-06-19)
Several cytochrome P450 enzymes (CYPs) encoded in the genome of Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb) are considered potential new drug targets due to the essential roles they play in bacterial viability and in the establishment of chronic intracellular infection. Identification of inhibitors...
Pengli Li et al.
ACS applied materials & interfaces, 11(3), 3351-3359 (2018-12-29)
Although all-inorganic CsPbX3 (X = Cl, Br, I) nanocrystals (NCs) have been considered as a promising material for photoelectronic devices, their applications are still limited because of their poor stability and the lack of in-depth understanding. Here, we demonstrate a...

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