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A C Chang et al.
Nature, 275(5681), 617-624 (1978-10-19)
The construction and analysis of bacterial plasmids that contain and phenotypically express a mammalian genetic sequence are described. Such plasmids specify a protein that has enzymatic properties, immunological reactivity and molecular size characteristic of the mouse dihydrofolate reductase, and render
Magnesium bromide catalysed acylation of alcohols
Pansare SV, et al.
Synthetic Communications, 30(14), 2587-2592 (2000)
Ana Peterson et al.
Food chemistry, 305, 125486-125486 (2019-09-15)
The formation of 3-methyl-2,4-nonanedione (MND) during red wine aging can contribute to the premature evolution of aroma, characterized by the loss of fresh fruit and development of dried fruit flavors. The identification of two new hydroxy ketones, 2-hydroxy-3-methylnonan-4-one (syn- and
Novel deprotection of SEM ethers: a very mild and selective method using magnesium bromide
Vakalopoulos A and Hoffmann HMR
Organic Letters, 2(10), 1447-1450 (2000)
Synthesis of trifluoromethylnaphthalenes
Mellor JM, et al.
Tetrahedron, 56(51), 10067-10074 (2000)
Magnesium bromide mediated highly diastereoselective heterogeneous hydrogenation of olefins
Bouzide, Abderrahim
Organic Letters, 4(8), 1347-1350 (2002)
Efficient Magnesium Bromide-Catalyzed One-pot Synthesis of Substituted 1, 2, 3, 4-Tetrahydropyrimidin-2-ones Under Solvent-free Conditions
Salehi H and Guo Q-X
Chin. J. Chem., 23(1), 91-97 (2005)
A facile and efficient one-pot synthesis of dihydropyrimidinones catalyzed by magnesium bromide under solvent-free conditions
Salehi H and Guo Q-X
Synthetic Communications, 34(1), 171-179 (2004)
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