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Sankaranarayanapillai Shylesh et al.
ChemSusChem, 8(3), 466-472 (2014-10-15)
The catalytic activity of secondary amines supported on mesoporous silica for the self-condensation of n-butanal to 2-ethylhexenal can be altered significantly by controlling the Brønsted acidity of M--OH species present on the surface of the support. In this study, M--OH...
Ki-Hyun Kim
Sensors (Basel, Switzerland), 10(8), 7287-7302 (2010-01-01)
To simulate the occurrence of masking phenomena with the aid of an air dilution sensory (ads) test, two types of odorant mixtures were prepared: (1) M(2) with two individual odorants [H(2)S and acetaldehyde (AA)] and (2) M(6) with six individual...
Nan Sun et al.
Journal of pharmaceutical and biomedical analysis, 38(2), 256-262 (2005-06-01)
A linear sweep adsorptive stripping voltammetric method (AdS-LSV) for the determination of tobramycin (TOB) has been proposed for the first time. The method is based on the formation of the voltammetrically active iso-butyraldehyde derivative of TOB and the electrochemical behavior...
A E Holley et al.
Free radical biology & medicine, 15(3), 281-289 (1993-09-01)
A modified method was developed to measure nM levels of a range of n-alkanals and hydroxyalkenals in biological samples such as blood plasma and tissue homogenates and also in Folch lipid extracts of these samples. Butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT) and desferrioxamine...
Yizheng Chen et al.
Journal of chromatography. B, Analytical technologies in the biomedical and life sciences, 1106-1107, 58-63 (2019-01-15)
The analysis of trace carbonyls including aldehydes and ketones is important for monitoring environmental air quality, determining toxicity of aerosol of electronic cigarette, and detecting diseases by breath analysis. This work reports investigation of a single microreactor chip with HClO4-acidified...
The condensation of butyraldehyde and aniline.
Kharasch MS, et al.
Journal of the American Chemical Society, 62(3), 494-497 (1940)
ShuLing Wang et al.
Analytica chimica acta, 900, 67-75 (2015-11-18)
In this paper, polypyrrole/graphene (PPy/G) composite coating was prepared by a facile electrochemical polymerization strategy on the inner surface of a stainless steel (SS) tube. Based on the coating tube, a novel online in-tube solid-phase microextraction -high performance liquid chromatography...
JianCai Zhu et al.
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry, 63(34), 7499-7510 (2015-08-11)
The aroma profile of oolong tea infusions (Dongdingwulong, DDWL; Tieguanyin, TGY; Dahongpao, DHP) were investigated in this study. Gas chromatography-olfactometry (GC-O) with the method of aroma intensity (AI) was employed to investigate the aroma-active compounds in tea infusions. The results...
Heterogeneous photocatalytic oxidation of gas-phase organics for air purification: acetone, 1-butanol, butyraldehyde, formaldehyde, and m-xylene oxidation.
Peral J and Ollis DF.
J. Catal., 1136(2), 554-565 (1992)
D A Ayala et al.
Spectrochimica acta. Part A, Molecular and biomolecular spectroscopy, 64(3), 717-721 (2006-01-31)
We report the experimental preparation of the 1,3-butanal-1,2,4,5-tetroxane by oxidation of glutataldehyde with oxygen peroxide in presence of concentrated sulfuric acid, following the Bayer and Viller method modified by Jorge et al. The UV and IR spectra are studied from...
Virender K Rehan et al.
American journal of physiology. Lung cellular and molecular physiology, 301(1), L1-L8 (2011-04-12)
The underlying mechanisms and effector molecules involved in mediating in utero smoke exposure-induced effects on the developing lung are only beginning to be understood. However, the effects of a newly discovered category of smoke, i.e., thirdhand smoke (THS), on the...
Yiannis C Fiamegos et al.
Analytica chimica acta, 609(2), 175-183 (2008-02-12)
A suitable method for the gas chromatographic determination of 10 characteristic carbonyls in biological and oil samples based on the in-drop formation of hydrazones by using 2,4,6-trichlorophenylhydrazine (TCPH), has been developed. The derivatisation-extraction procedure was optimized separately for aqueous and...
Y S Feng et al.
Prikladnaia biokhimiia i mikrobiologiia, 44(3), 304-307 (2008-07-31)
Nitriles are potential soil pollutants from industrial wastewater. There has been increased demand for efficient process for nitrile degradation process. Nitrile hydratase (NHase) has been extensively used in the production of acrylamide and treatment of organocyanide contaminated industrial effluents. The...
Adi Mizrahi et al.
Nature neuroscience, 6(11), 1201-1207 (2003-10-07)
In many regions of the adult mammalian brain, pronounced changes in synaptic input caused by lesions or severe sensory deprivation induce marked sprouting or retraction of neuronal dendrites. In the adult olfactory bulb, adult neurogenesis produces less pronounced, but continuously...
Zhifeng Huang et al.
PloS one, 6(6), e20669-e20669 (2011-06-16)
As one of fibroblast growth factor (FGF) family members, FGF21 has been extensively investigated for its potential as a drug candidate to combat metabolic diseases. In the present study, recombinant human FGF21 (rhFGF21) was modified with polyethylene glycol (PEGylation) in...
J Enrique Cometto-Muñiz et al.
Chemical senses, 35(4), 289-299 (2010-03-02)
We have measured concentration detection (i.e., psychometric) functions to determine the odor detectability of homologous aliphatic aldehydes (propanal, butanal, hexanal, octanal, and nonanal) and helional. Subjects (16 < or = n < or = 18) used a 3-alternative forced-choice procedure...
Ewa Papajak et al.
The Journal of chemical physics, 137(10), 104314-104314 (2012-09-18)
We calculate the standard state entropy, heat capacity, enthalpy, and Gibbs free energy for 13 radicals important for the combustion chemistry of biofuels. These thermochemical quantities are calculated from recently proposed methods for calculating partition functions of complex molecules by...
Luis A Sayavedra-Soto et al.
FEMS microbiology letters, 250(1), 111-116 (2005-08-02)
Pseudomonas butanovora grows on butane by means of an inducible soluble alkane monooxygenase (sBMO). The induction of sBMO was studied using the wild type and a sBMO reporter strain. The reporter strain has the lacZ::kan cassette inserted into bmoX, the...
Fan Fan et al.
Biochemistry, 45(6), 1979-1986 (2006-02-08)
Choline oxidase catalyzes the four-electron oxidation of choline to glycine betaine via two sequential FAD-dependent reactions in which betaine aldehyde is formed as an intermediate. The chemical mechanism for the oxidation of choline catalyzed by choline oxidase was recently elucidated...
Ljiljana Sokolic et al.
Chemical senses, 32(2), 191-199 (2007-01-06)
The aim of the present study was to assess component interaction in the perception of the 2 aldehydes butanal and heptanal when presented in binary mixtures to rats. A further aim was to develop a behavioral paradigm for testing suppression...
N Gregory et al.
Food and chemical toxicology : an international journal published for the British Industrial Biological Research Association, 44(8), 1223-1227 (2006-03-17)
Bovine soles and shavings from the heel were used in laboratory tests that examined the softening and swelling effects of rainwater, cow slurry (faeces plus urine), urine, silage effluent, and washings from recently laid concrete. Formalin, glutaraldehyde and butyraldehyde were...
Daniel Norberg et al.
Journal of computational chemistry, 29(3), 392-406 (2007-07-04)
The stepwise and concerted pathways for the McLafferty rearrangement of the radical cations of butanal (Bu(+)) and 3-fluorobutanal (3F-Bu(+)) are investigated with density functional theory (DFT) and ab initio methods in conjunction with the 6-311+G(d,p) basis set. A concerted transition...
Thomas P Gonnella et al.
Chemico-biological interactions, 202(1-3), 85-90 (2013-01-09)
Aldehyde dehydrogenase 1 (ALDH1A1) catalyzes the oxidation of toxic aldehydes to carboxylic acids. Physiologic levels of Mg(2+) ions decrease ALDH1 activity in part by increasing NADH binding affinity to the enzyme. By using time-resolved fluorescence spectroscopy, we have resolved the...
Soo-Bok Lee et al.
Bioscience, biotechnology, and biochemistry, 68(1), 36-43 (2004-01-28)
Glycosylated ascorbic acids were synthesized by using the transglycosylation activity of Bacillus stearothermophilus maltogenic amylase with maltotriose to show effective antioxidative activity with enhanced oxidative stability. The modified ascorbic acids comprised mono- and di-glycosyl transfer products with an alpha-(1,6)-glycosidic linkage....
Xuguang Jiang et al.
Waste management (New York, N.Y.), 29(11), 2824-2829 (2009-08-08)
Solid wastes from organic Adhesive production are identified as toxicant hazardous wastes in China's National Catalogue of Hazardous Wastes. The aim of this study is analyzing the thermal behavior of Adhesive residue. Its pyrolysis and combustion characteristics were investigated using...
Prasenjit Seal et al.
The Journal of chemical physics, 136(3), 034306-034306 (2012-01-28)
The purpose of the present investigation is to calculate partition functions and thermodynamic quantities, viz., entropy, enthalpy, heat capacity, and Gibbs free energies, for 1-butanol, 2-methyl-1-propanol, and butanal in the vapor phase. We employed the multi-structural (MS) anharmonicity method and...
Zhifeng Huang et al.
PloS one, 7(5), e36423-e36423 (2012-05-11)
Keratinocyte growth factor 1 (KGF-1) has proven useful in the treatment of pathologies associated with dermal adnexae, liver, lung, and the gastrointestinal tract diseases. However, poor stability and short plasma half-life of the protein have restricted its therapeutic applications. While...
Hilmi Orhan et al.
Free radical research, 38(12), 1269-1279 (2005-03-15)
The objective of the present study was to evaluate a comprehensive set of urinary biomarkers for oxidative damage to lipids, proteins and DNA, in man. Eighteen moderately trained males (mean age 24.6+/-0.7) exercised 60min at 70% of maximal O2 uptake...
Jens Schubert et al.
Archives of toxicology, 86(8), 1309-1316 (2012-06-19)
In recent years, the number of waterpipe smokers has increased substantially worldwide. Here, we present a study on the identification and quantification of seven carbonylic compounds including formaldehyde, acetaldehyde and acrolein in the mainstream smoke of the waterpipe. Smoking was...
Aldol addition of butyraldehyde over solid base catalysts.
Zhang G, et al.
Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Japan, 62(6), 2070-2072 (1989)

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