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H Blaszyk et al.
Archives of surgery (Chicago, Ill. : 1960), 135(12), 1410-1413 (2000-12-15)
Currently, the risk for postoperative acute pulmonary embolism (APE) is assessed clinically. We hypothesize that the expensive screening for the most common genetic thrombophilic clotting defect (factor V Leiden; R(506)Q) after exclusion of established clinical risk factors does not offer
Xiao Yan Qi et al.
Circulation research, 103(8), 845-854 (2008-08-30)
Atrial tachycardia (AT) downregulates L-type Ca(2+) current (I(CaL)) and causes atrial fibrillation-promoting electric remodeling. This study assessed potential underlying signal transduction. Cultured adult canine atrial cardiomyocytes were paced at 0, 1, or 3 Hz (P0, P1, P3) for up to
Q Li et al.
Biochemical and biophysical research communications, 236(3), 776-781 (1997-07-30)
IA-1 is an intronless gene, which encodes a 510 amino acid protein with a zinc-finger DNA-binding motif that is expressed in tumors of neuroendocrine origin. The 5'-upstream region of the IA-1 gene was recently sequenced. In this paper, the regulatory
Akito Chinen et al.
Molecular biology and evolution, 22(4), 1001-1010 (2005-01-14)
We previously reported that zebrafish have four tandemly duplicated green (RH2) opsin genes (RH2-1, RH2-2, RH2-3, and RH2-4). Absorption spectra vary widely among the four photopigments reconstituted with 11-cis retinal, with their peak absorption spectra (lambda(max)) being 467, 476, 488
Z H Sheng et al.
DNA and cell biology, 13(1), 9-23 (1994-01-01)
rSkM2 is a tetrodotoxin-resistant rat skeletal muscle voltage-sensitive sodium channel that is expressed in immature and denervated skeletal muscle and in adult heart. We have isolated a 3.7-kb gene segment that contains the first exon, multiple transcription initiation sites, the
Claudine P Torfs et al.
Birth defects research. Part A, Clinical and molecular teratology, 76(10), 723-730 (2006-10-20)
Gastroschisis is a severe birth defect in which the infant is born with a portion of the intestines extruding through a small tear in the abdominal wall, usually to the right of the umbilical cord. Its etiology is unknown, but
Barbara Gawrońska-Szklarz et al.
European journal of clinical pharmacology, 68(9), 1267-1274 (2012-03-16)
Pantoprazole is metabolized by cytochrome P450 2 C19, which shows genetic polymorphism. The effect of CYP2C19 polymorphism on single-dose pharmacokinetics of oral pantoprazole in healthy volunteers was evaluated. Pantoprazole pharmacokinetics was determined in 32 healthy volunteers after a 40-mg single
Atsushi Narumi et al.
Biomacromolecules, 7(5), 1496-1501 (2006-05-09)
4-Vinylbenzyl maltohexaoside peracetate (1) was copolymerized with divinylbenzene (DVB) using 1-phenyl-1-(2',2',6',6'-tetramethyl-1'-piperidinyloxy)ethane (2) in m-xylene. The copolymerizations were performed at 138 degrees C for 20 h using the mole fraction of 1 in the total feed of 1 and DVB (F1:
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