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A Markowska et al.
European journal of gynaecological oncology, 30(5), 518-522 (2009-11-11)
Both ghrelin and obestatin are derived from preproghrelin by post-translational processing. The two peptides are secreted into the blood but circulating levels of these peptides have not been assessed in women with ovarian tumours. Therefore, the purpose of this study...
Liang Sun et al.
The Journal of nutrition, 143(9), 1459-1465 (2013-08-02)
Epidemiological studies suggest that elevated circulating ferritin is associated with heightened incident diabetes in mainly Western populations, although the results were not entirely consistent. We aimed to prospectively investigate the ferritin-diabetes association in an Asian population for the first time...
Conor L Mallucci et al.
Lancet (London, England), 394(10208), 1530-1539 (2019-09-17)
Insertion of a ventriculoperitoneal shunt for hydrocephalus is one of the commonest neurosurgical procedures worldwide. Infection of the implanted shunt affects up to 15% of these patients, resulting in prolonged hospital treatment, multiple surgeries, and reduced cognition and quality of...

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