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Product Information Sheet - B9410
Product Information Sheet B9410 Page 1 of 2 10/10/96 - CKV BIS-TRIS PROPANE SIGMAULTRA Sigma Prod. No. B9410 CAS NUMBER: 64431-96-5 STRUCTURE: (HO-CH2)3C-NH-(CH2)3-NH-C(CH2-OH)3 SYNONYMS:
Product Information Sheet - B6755
Product Description Molecular Formula: C11H26N2O6 Molecular Weight: 282.3 CAS Number: 64431-96-5 pKa1: 6.8 (25 °C) pKa2: 9.0 (25 °C) ∆pK/∆T = -0.03 Synonym: 1,3-bis[tris(hydroxymethyl
BIS-TRIS Propane Specification Comparison
9.5 Molecular Weight 282.33 MDL Number MFCD00004689 pKa (at 25) (1) 6.8, (2) 9.0 CAS Number 64431-96-5 EG/EC Number 264-899-3 Melting Point 164 - 165 °C(lit.) Sigma-Aldrich BIS-TRIS Propane Specifications

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