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Tatiana Dias de Carvalho et al.
Pediatric cardiology, 36(2), 344-349 (2014-08-29)
The aim of this study is to analyze the autonomic modulation in children with Down syndrome (DS). The study was conducted with a convenience sample of children with DS and without heart disease, from the Genetics Clinic of the Hospital
William K Gillette et al.
Scientific reports, 5, 15916-15916 (2015-11-03)
Prenylated proteins play key roles in several human diseases including cancer, atherosclerosis and Alzheimer's disease. KRAS4b, which is frequently mutated in pancreatic, colon and lung cancers, is processed by farnesylation, proteolytic cleavage and carboxymethylation at the C-terminus. Plasma membrane localization
Linn E Fosshaug et al.
Journal of cardiac failure, 21(11), 916-923 (2015-08-02)
Adipose tissue has endocrine properties, secreting a wide range of mediators into the circulation, including factors involved in cardiovascular disease. However, little is known about the potential role of adipose tissue in heart failure (HF), and the aim of this
Cristina Pavan et al.
Particle and fibre toxicology, 11, 76-76 (2014-12-20)
The hemolytic activity of inhaled particles such as silica has been widely investigated in the past and represents a usual toxicological endpoint to characterize particle reactivity despite the fact that red blood cells (RBCs) are not involved in the pathogenesis
Ryan Li et al.
Head & neck, 37(11), 1642-1649 (2014-06-24)
Evidence suggests the incidence of oral tongue squamous cell carcinoma is increasing in young patients, many who have no history of tobacco use. We clinically reviewed 89 patients with oral tongue cancer. Exomic sequencing of tumor DNA from 6 nonsmokers
Athanassios Karkabounas et al.
Lipids, 50(12), 1259-1271 (2015-10-10)
The purpose of the study was to assess a fluorimetric assay for the determination of total phospholipase A(2) (PLA(2)) activity in biological samples introducing the innovation of immobilized substrates on crosslinked polymeric membranes. The immobilized C(12)-NBD-PtdCho, a fluorescent analogue of
Alejandra Nieto et al.
Investigative ophthalmology & visual science, 56(2), 1070-1080 (2015-01-24)
To understand the relationship between rapamycin loading/release and surface chemistries of porous silicon (pSi) to optimize pSi-based intravitreal delivery system. Three types of surface chemical modifications were studied: (1) pSi-COOH, containing 10-carbon aliphatic chains with terminal carboxyl groups grafted via
D Saura et al.
International journal of clinical practice, 69(4), 485-490 (2014-11-05)
Systolic aortic regurgitation (SAR) is a curious phenomenon that has been found to be associated with heart failure (HF). We aimed to determine de diagnostic value of SAR as a black box predictive tool in patients with suspected HF admitted
Neutralizing a caustic chemical.
Santiago Nogué et al.
Nursing, 43(6), 8-8 (2013-05-21)
Caryll Waugh et al.
Virology journal, 12, 55-55 (2015-04-17)
Massive, parallel sequencing is a potent tool for dissecting the regulation of biological processes by revealing the dynamics of the cellular RNA profile under different conditions. Similarly, massive, parallel sequencing can be used to reveal the complexity of viral quasispecies
Yuan-hui Liu et al.
Medicine, 94(13), e358-e358 (2015-04-04)
The aim of the present article was to evaluate the association of N-terminal pro-B-type natriuretic peptide (NT-pro-BNP) with contrast-induced nephropathy (CIN) and long-term outcomes in patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) and relative preserved left ventricular function (LVF) undergoing percutaneous
Douglas Dalcin Rossato et al.
Ultrasound in medicine & biology, 41(3), 797-805 (2015-01-27)
Heart failure is a multisystemic disorder that leads to an imbalance between pro- and anti-inflammatory cytokines. Therapeutic ultrasound (TU) has been reported to modulate the inflammatory process. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of TU on
X Ouyang et al.
Neurogastroenterology and motility : the official journal of the European Gastrointestinal Motility Society, 27(3), 406-415 (2015-01-30)
Hyperglycemia is known to induce dysrhythmias in the stomach; however, it is unknown whether they are also induced in the small intestine. Autonomic dysfunction is commonly noted in diabetes but the role it plays in hyperglycemia-induced dysrhythmias remains unknown. This
Mutlu Ozcan et al.
The journal of adhesive dentistry, 15(3), 207-210 (2013-05-24)
This study evaluated the effect of different surface conditioning protocols on the repair strength of resin composite to the zirconia core / veneering ceramic complex, simulating the clinical chipping phenomenon. Forty disk-shaped zirconia core (Lava Zirconia, 3M ESPE) (diameter: 3
Anett Hellebø Ottesen et al.
Journal of the American College of Cardiology, 65(4), 339-351 (2015-01-31)
Secretoneurin (SN) levels are increased in patients with heart failure (HF), but whether SN provides prognostic information and influences cardiomyocyte function is unknown. This study sought to evaluate the merit of SN as a cardiovascular biomarker and assess effects of
Fadia Mayyas et al.
Cardiovascular pathology : the official journal of the Society for Cardiovascular Pathology, 24(1), 19-25 (2014-09-13)
Coronary artery disease (CAD) is responsible for significant morbidity and mortality. Inflammatory, pro-thrombotic and structural factors contribute to the etiology of CAD. This study sought to determine the relationship of plasma endothelin-1 (pET-1), a potent vasoconstrictor, mitogen and modulator of
Jesus Lozano et al.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 112(12), 3740-3745 (2015-03-17)
In 2009 we reported that depletion of Dicer-1, the enzyme that catalyzes the final step of miRNA biosynthesis, prevents metamorphosis in Blattella germanica. However, the precise regulatory roles of miRNAs in the process have remained elusive. In the present work
Julia Hobohm et al.
Talanta, 147, 615-620 (2015-11-26)
Fluorescence lamps contain considerable amounts of rare earth elements (REE). Several recycling procedures for REE recovery from spent lamps have been established. However, despite their economic importance, the respective recycling is scarce so far, with an REE recovery rate of
Daryn Goodwin et al.
Vaccine, 33(12), 1453-1458 (2015-02-14)
Immunocastration using gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH)-based vaccines has been investigated in rams to reduce aggressive and sexual behaviour and to control meat quality. Despite considerable efforts, a practical GnRH vaccine has yet to be developed for rams. In the present study
Shaowei Li et al.
Stem cells translational medicine, 4(4), 359-368 (2015-03-07)
Postnatal tissue-specific stem/progenitor cells hold great promise to enhance repair of damaged tissues. Many of these cells are retrieved from bone marrow or adipose tissue via invasive procedures. Peripheral blood is an ideal alternative source for the stem/progenitor cells because
Heart failure management in skilled nursing facilities: a scientific statement from the American Heart Association and the Heart Failure Society of America.
Corrine Y Jurgens et al.
Journal of cardiac failure, 21(4), 263-299 (2015-04-13)
Anne C Solga et al.
Glia, 63(4), 531-548 (2014-09-27)
Expression profiling of distinct central nervous system (CNS) cell populations has been employed to facilitate disease classification and to provide insights into the molecular basis of brain pathology. One important cell type implicated in a wide variety of CNS disease
Man Kit Cheung et al.
Marine biotechnology (New York, N.Y.), 17(6), 811-819 (2015-09-01)
During evolution of animals, their co-evolution with bacteria has generally been ignored. Recent studies have provided evidences that the symbiotic bacteria in the animal gut can either be essential or contributing to the plasticity of the host. The Crustacea includes
Hee Jae Lee et al.
The Journal of nutritional biochemistry, 26(11), 1254-1260 (2015-08-19)
Metabolic homeostasis is maintained by the coordinated regulation of several physiological processes and organ crosstalk. Especially, the interaction between adipose tissue and liver is critical for the regulation of glucose and lipid metabolism. This study investigated the involvement of resveratrol
Barbara Arbeithuber et al.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 112(7), 2109-2114 (2015-02-04)
Meiosis is a potentially important source of germline mutations, as sites of meiotic recombination experience recurrent double-strand breaks (DSBs). However, evidence for a local mutagenic effect of recombination from population sequence data has been equivocal, likely because mutation is only
José López-Sendón et al.
Revista espanola de cardiologia (English ed.), 68(11), 976-995 (2015-09-01)
Cardiology practice requires complex organization that impacts overall outcomes and may differ substantially among hospitals and communities. The aim of this consensus document is to define quality markers in cardiology, including markers to measure the quality of results (outcomes metrics)
Jianwei Ji et al.
Nanoscale research letters, 9(1), 384-384 (2014-08-26)
Silicon quantum dots (Si QDs) attract increasing interest nowadays due to their excellent optical and electronic properties. However, only a few optoelectronic organic molecules were reported as ligands of colloidal Si QDs. In this report, N-vinylcarbazole - a material widely
James F Hartzell et al.
Human brain mapping, 36(2), 519-537 (2014-10-09)
Neuroimaging studies have shown that task demands affect connectivity patterns in the human brain not only during task performance but also during subsequent rest periods. Our goal was to determine whether ongoing connectivity patterns during rest contain information about both
Qiong Dai et al.
ACS nano, 9(3), 2876-2885 (2015-02-26)
Engineered particles adsorb biomolecules (e.g., proteins) when introduced in a biological medium to form a layer called a "corona". Coronas, in particular the protein corona, play an important role in determining the surface properties of particles and their targeting abilities.
Seong-Ho Baek et al.
Journal of nanoscience and nanotechnology, 13(5), 3715-3718 (2013-07-19)
In this report, we have demonstrated the morphological evolution of the silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) by controlling the growth conditions and its effect on morphology of silicon (Si) during metal-induced electroless etching (MICE). Self-organized AgNPs with peculiarly shape were synthesized by
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