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Robert J Fakheri et al.
Steroids, 76(3), 211-215 (2010-10-19)
Autoregulation of cholesterol synthesis focuses on the 19 metabolic steps from lanosterol to cholesterol. Although synchronization of their rates of synthesis in all tissues was the paradigm, a known exception occurs in the ovary where a local increase in a
Diverse Chemical Scaffolds Enhance Oligodendrocyte Formation by Inhibiting CYP51, TM7SF2, or EBP
Allimuthu D, et al.
Cell Chemical Biology, 26(4), 593-599 (2019)
A synthetic analogue of meiosis-activating sterol (FF-MAS) is a potent agonist promoting meiotic maturation and preimplantation development of mouse oocytes maturing in vitro
MarinB, et al.
Human Reproduction, 19(10), 2340-2344 (2004)
Targeting C4-demethylating genes in the cholesterol pathway sensitizes cancer cells to EGF receptor inhibitors via increased EGF receptor degradation
Sukhanova A, et al.
Cancer Discovery, 3(1), 96-111 (2013)
Autoregulation of cholesterol synthesis: Physiologic and pathophysiologic consequences
Fakheri RJ and Javitt NB
Steroids, 76(3), 211-215 (2011)
Endogenous sterol metabolites regulate growth of EGFR/KRAS-dependent tumors via LXR
Gabitova L, et al.
Cell Reports, 12(11), 1927-1938 (2015)
Two syntheses of FF-MAS
Blume T, et al.
Organic Letters, 5(11), 1837-1839 (2003)
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