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Product Information Sheet - OPT2
template • Deoxynucleotide mixture, containing each of the four nucleotides at 10 mM, Product No. D 7295 • Mineral oil, Product No. M 8662 Precautions and Disclaimer Sigma's PCR Optimization Kit is
Acta Interactive Archive Vol 51
(Y = 2-Me, 2-MeO, 4-Me, 4-MeO), PhCH=CH, 4,4-Me2cyclohexenyl R2 = YC6H4 (Y = H, 4-MeO, 4-F, 4-CF3), 3,3-(MeO)2C6H3, dihydropyren-2-yl 2 equiv R1 R2 R2 13 examples 37–85% O2, 3 Å MS DMA