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May S M Wee et al.
Carbohydrate polymers, 130, 57-68 (2015-06-17)
The shear-thickening rheological behaviour (between 5 and 20s(-1)) of a 5% (w/w) viscoelastic gum extracted from the fronds of the native New Zealand black tree fern or mamaku in Māori was further explored by manipulating the salt content. The freeze-dried...
Aisha Nasir Hashmi et al.
The International journal of neuroscience, 125(4), 277-287 (2014-05-16)
Aluminium metal (Al) has been implicated in the etiology of many neurodegenerative diseases, most commonly the Alzheimer's disease (AD). Al causes biochemical defects by affecting the neurotransmitters level, causes conformational changes in amyloid β protein and increases amyloid accumulation in...
Dragana M Vucić et al.
Acta poloniae pharmaceutica, 70(6), 1021-1026 (2014-01-05)
Antibacterial and antioxidant activity, total phenolic and flavonoid concentrations of aqueous, ethanol and ethyl acetate extracts from the leaves and flowers of Erica herbacea L. were studied. In vitro antibacterial activity of the extracts was determined by macrodilution method. Minimum...
Ji-Won Jung et al.
ACS nano, 9(7), 6717-6727 (2015-06-02)
Amorphous silicon (a-Si) has been intensively explored as one of the most attractive candidates for high-capacity and long-cycle-life anode in Li-ion batteries (LIBs) primarily because of its reduced volume expansion characteristic (∼280%) compared to crystalline Si anodes (∼400%) after full...
Gregory T Sigurdson et al.
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry, 62(29), 6955-6965 (2014-02-20)
Use of artificial food colorants has declined due to health concerns and consumer demand, making natural alternatives a high demand. The effects of Al(3+) salt on food source anthocyanins were evaluated with the objective to better understand blue color development...
Yoshiki Asakawa et al.
Journal of separation science, 37(19), 2641-2651 (2014-07-22)
A novel metal aquo-ion affinity chromatography has been developed for the analysis of basic compounds using heat-treated silica gel containing hydrated metal cations (metal aquo-ions) as the packing material. The packing materials of the metal aquo-ion affinity chromatography were prepared...
Syed Husain Mustafa Rizvi et al.
PloS one, 9(5), e98409-e98409 (2014-06-01)
Aluminium (Al) is the third most abundant element in the earth's crust and its compounds are used in the form of house hold utensils, medicines and in antiperspirant etc. Increasing number of evidences suggest the involvement of Al+3 ions in...
Qian Yee Ang et al.
Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry, 407(22), 6747-6758 (2015-07-15)
Molecular imprinting is an emerging technique to create imprinted polymers that can be applied in affinity-based separation, in particular, biomimetic sensors. In this study, the matrix of siloxane bonds prepared from the polycondensation of hydrolyzed tetraethoxysilane (TEOS) was employed as...