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The use of CBILS© – Carbonate Based Ionic Liquid Synthesis – developed by the Austrian company proionic, offers one of the simplest, yet most elegant synthetic methods for the production of ionic liquids
L-Glutamine in Cell Culture
Importance and uses of glutamine in hybridoma and mammalian cell culture
Isoprene Biosynthesis
Two metabolic pathways exist for the biosynthesis of isopentenyl pyrophosphate and dimethylallyl pyrophosphate: The mevalonate pathway, predominantly used by plants and in a few insect species. The non-mevalonate pathway or methyl D-erythritol 4-phosphate (MEP) pathway, which occurs in plant chloroplasts...
High-Purity Salts
We offer high-purity salts manufactured under stringent specifications in hydrate and anhydrous forms in a broad range of purities (up to 99.9999% or 6N) and concentrations for the development and synthesis of advanced materials
Fast and Accurate Analysis of Vitamin D Metabolites Using Novel Chromatographic Selectivity and Sample Preparation
Vitamin D deficiency has become a topic of interest in recent publications. Vitamin D regulates the absorption of calcium within the digestive track and is important to promote proper bone growth and prevent osteoprosis in older adults.
Polymer-Clay Nanocomposites: Design and Application of Multi-Functional Materials
One of the desirable end-goals of materials science research is the development of multi-functional materials. These materials are defined as compositions that bring more than one property enhancement to a particular application, thus allowing the material to replace more than...
Nanoparticle & Microparticle Synthesis
Microparticle and nanoparticle synthesis refers to top-down and bottom-up approaches to create microparticles and nanoparticles using physical, chemical, and biological methods.
Uronium and Guanidinium Salts for Peptide Coupling
The special need of SPPS for rapid and highly efficient coupling reagents led to the development of several new reagents starting from BOP (Benzotriazol-1-yloxytris(dimethylamino)phosphonium hexafluorophosphate).
Solid State Synthesis
Solid-state synthesis, also called the ceramic method, involves grinding compounds of two or more non-volatile solids, pelletizing and heating the materials to form a new solid compound with optical, conductive, or other defined properties.
Complete Solutions for IVD Chemiluminescent Immunoassay (CLIA/CLEIA) Development
Accelerate your time to market with fit-for-use products which offer the quality, consistency, and documentation necessary for every step of your IVD development and manufacturing needs.
Protocols for the Fmoc SPPS of Cysteine-containing Peptides
Overcome challenges in synthesis and disulfide bond formation with protocols for Fmoc solid-phase peptide synthesis of peptides with cysteine and methionine.
Photovoltaics & Solar Cells
Photovoltaics and solar cells convert solar energy into electricity by allowing photons to set electrons free thereby generating a flow of electricity.
Enzymatic Assay of Malic Dehydrogenase (EC
This is a protocol to be used for all Malic Dehydrogenase products.
Determination of Water Content in Ammonium nitrate Using Karl Fischer Titration
Summary application report for analysis of moisture in Ammonium nitrate
Sharpless Group – Professor Product Portal
The Sharpless Lab pursues useful new reactivity and general methods for selectively controlling chemical reactions.
Trichloroacetimidate Reagents
Trichloroacetimidates are also commonly employed as alcohol alkylation reagents, particularly when existing functionality is not acid sensitive.
Common Cell Culture Problems: Precipitates
Common Cell Culture Problems: Precipitates -- When contamination is ruled out, turbidity in cell culture media is often explained by the precipitation of metals, proteins, and other media components. Precipitates can be harmful to cell health, as they may alter...
Performing a Separation with Sephadex®
This page shows how to perform a separation with a Sephadex column from Cytiva which are Size Exclusion Chromatography media consisting of an epichlorohydrin cross-linked dextran.
Cytochrome C
Cytochrome c is a highly conserved ~12 kDa protein consisting of a single 104 amino acid peptide with a single heme group, which is covalently attached to Cys and Cys. Because of its ubiquitous nature and sequence homology, cytochrome c...
Phycology Media in Plant Tissue Culture
Phycology media can be prepared from concentrated solutions or from powdered salt mixtures. The concentrated solutions are complete, including vitamins, and should be stored frozen.
Chromolith® WP 300 Epoxy
Chromolith® WP 300 Epoxy: Learn more about preparing the column, immobilization via epoxide functions and via Schiff base mechanism & use as HPLC column.
Solid-State Metathesis Materials Synthesis
In the last two decades, a new method termed solid-state metathesis (SSM) has been developed to synthesize compounds that are often difficult to produce conventionally.
Troubleshooting 2-D DIGE Results
Troubleshooting 2-D DIGE Results
Explore our wide selection of high-quality indicators for your different types of applications such as pH indicators, redox indicators, complex or metal indicators, and fluorescence indicators.
How to Maximize Sensitivity in LC-MS
Various measures and options for maximized LC-MS sensitivity and low limit of detection (LOD) are shown on this page. Each and every tip avoids contaminations causing signal suppression, adduct formation, elevated background noise and increased spectrum complexity.
Western Blotting Sample Preparation
The emphasis of this page is on the rules and good practice in sample preparation for Western Blots.
Synthesis of Melting Gels Using Mono-Substituted and Di-Substituted Alkoxysiloxanes
Synthesis of Melting Gels Using Mono-Substituted and Di-Substituted Alkoxysiloxanes
Caustic Alkalis & Bases
Our three portfolio brands offer caustic alkalis and bases to meet the various requirements of your specific applications. Supelco® products for analytical chemistry, Sigma-Aldrich® materials for lab and production, SAFC® products for biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical development and manufacturing.
Molecular Monolayers on Silicon Surfaces
This article briefly reviews the methods and mechanisms for the formation of molecular monolayers on silicon surfaces, the properties of these monolayers and current perspectives regarding their application in molecular electronic and sensing applications.
The Use of Perovskite Metal Complexes in Photovoltaic Cells
Solar panels for homes and businesses have seen a rise in demand over the past few years as we move toward more environment-friendly and sustainable energy sources. In 2010, the average power from solar was just 5.0 GWh/d and...

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