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Membrane Integrity Test for Lipid-PAMPA Artificial Membranes
This is a protocol for a Membrane Integrity test for Lipid-PAMPA Artificial Membranes
Staining Kits and Solutions for Hematological Differentiation and Diagnostics
Explore our staining kits and solutions for hematological differentiation and diagnostics. Our hematology products are all IVDs, CE certified and ready-to-use.
Hematology Stains
Reliably differentiate and diagnose blood and bone marrow samples with your preferred protocol by selecting from our full range of high-quality hematological staining solutions.
Dry Dyes & Certified Stains
Choose from our comprehensive range of IVD and Biological Staining Commission Certified dry dyes and stains for use with research and clinical specimens.
Learn about the clinical study of blood, blood-forming organs, and blood diseases including the treatment, prevention, and stains and dyes used in hematology testing.