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(P8289) - Enzyme Assay
Solution, Sigma Prod. No. C-4765.) C. 500 mM Magnesium Acetate Solution (Mg(OAc)2) (Prepare 10 ml in deionized water using Magnesium Acetate, Tetrahydrate, Sigma Prod. No. M-9147.) D. 250 mM Aminophylline
Data Sheet - L8516
Nitrocellulose filters should always be soaked one hour in phosphate buffer (C) before use. (E) Methyl cellosolve (ethylene glycol monomethyl ether) (Product No. E5378). Precautions and Disclaimer Each
Product Information Sheet - M2639
of substrate were made by dissolving the appropriate amount of acylated 4-MU in 1.5 ml methyl cellosolve and diluting to 25 ml with distilled water for a final concentration of 1 mM ester. The esters
Product Information Sheet - E2632
Boiling point: 135 °C Melting point: -70 °C Density: 0.931 g/ml Synonyms: Ethyl glycol, Cellosolve, ethylcellosolve, ethylene glycol monoethyl ether, 2EE 2-Ethoxyethanol is used as a component
Supelco SLB -IL60 Ionic Liquid GC Columns
total) • Resolution of a contaminant peak (peak c), suspected to be 2-methylbutyl acetate, from isoamyl acetate (peak 35) Column Isothermal Programmed PEG 1 280 °C 280 °C PEG 2 260 °C 270 °C PEG
Nonsterile 33 mm Millex Syringe Filters User Guide
Chemical * Acetic acid, glacial 1 Acetone 2, 3 Acetonitrile 3 Ammonium hydroxide 1, 3 Ammonium sulfate (saturated) 2, 3 Amyl acetate 3 Amyl alcohol Benzyl alcohol Boric acid Butyl alcohol Cellosolve® (ethyl