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Bioreactor Process Development and Scale-Up for Transient Transfection-Based Lentivirus Manufacturing in Suspension Cell Culture
A step-by-step overview of suspension-based, transient transfection bioreactor process development and scaleup of lentivirus production.
Reproducible Scaling of a Cell Retention Filter Using the Cellicon® Cell Retention Solution
This page describes the design attributes of the Cellicon® filter assembly for cell retention and how they simplify scale-up of intensified upstream processes.
Operational and Financial Advantages of Cellicon® Cell Retention Solution in an N-1 Perfusion Process
This page describes the financial and operational advantages offered by the Cellicon® Cell Retention Device in an N-1 perfusion process at the 2,000 L scale in comparison to a cell retention device from another supplier.
Seed Train Intensification Using High Cell Density Cryopreservation
High cell density cryopreservation (HCDC) is a closed processing alternative to the traditional seed train expansion process. Learn more about the benefits of HCDC.
Cell Retention Technology and Specialized Cell Culture Media for Intensified Upstream Processing
How the Cellicon® filter and controller enables seamless adoption of a perfused N-1 seed train step into the cell expansion process.
Preparing CHO Cells for Higher Productivity by Optimizing a Perfused Seed Train
This application note describes the benefits and performance of Cellvento® 4CHO-X Expansion Medium designed for multiple cell expansion steps from vial thaw to N-1 stages to generate higher biomass for inoculating fed-batch production bioreactors
Egg-based and Cell-based Influenza Vaccine Manufacturing Methods
Influenza vaccines are commonly made using egg-based and cell-based manufacturing strategies. Find step-by-step information on the manufacturing process for each method.
Cost Modeling Vaccine Manufacturing: Estimate Production Costs for mRNA and other Vaccine Modalities
A custom-designed cost model is used to explore the economics of vaccine manufacturing across several different modalities including mRNA. The model enables greater process understanding, simulates bottlenecks, and helps to optimize production efficiency.
Developing and Manufacturing Attenuated Viral Vaccines
Learn more one the attenuated viral vaccines manufacturing process: cell culture, clarification, nuclease treatment, chromatography, and sterile filtration.
Virus-like Particle (VLP) Vaccine Bioprocessing and Formulation Steps
This technical article breaks down the steps of upstream and downstream bioprocessing and formulation of virus-like particle vaccines.