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EmbryoMax Advanced KSOM Embryo Media
A) C57BL/6 mouse embryos develop into blastocyst stage are higher frequencies in Advanced KSOM embryo media vs. traditional KSOM embryo media. Additionally, Advanced KSOM embryo media does not require
The Genetically Modified Mouse: An Indispensable Tool for Disease Modeling
gelatin • Freezing media • Selection agents: Puromycin Hormones • PMSG • hCG Culture Media • KSOM • M16 • CZB • HTF Holding Media • M2 • FHM Special Purpose Media • Acidic
Stem Cell and Specialty Cell Culture Product Guide
18 mouSE Embryo CulturE media for mouse Embryos Cryopreserved mouse Embryos 20 mouSE EmbryonIC StEm CEllS mouse ES Cells & pmEFs media Supplements, including mlIF media for mES cells