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Satoshi Kishigami et al.
The Journal of reproduction and development, 53(6), 1207-1215 (2007-10-17)
Without using sperm, artificial oocyte activation is essential for current assisted reproductive technologies, particularly somatic cell nuclear transfer and round spermatid injection. Strontium has been widely used as an activator of oocytes especially in the mouse, by which efficient oocyte
Bi-ke Zhu et al.
Reproduction, nutrition, development, 44(3), 219-231 (2004-10-06)
This study was undertaken to investigate the effects of three media, volume and type of oil and frequency of observation on the in vitro development of mouse zygotes. B6CBF1 female mice (4 to 6 wk old) were superovulated using PMSG/hCG
Suo-Feng Ma et al.
Theriogenology, 64(5), 1142-1157 (2005-08-30)
Strontium has been successfully used to induce activation of mouse oocytes in nuclear transfer and other experiments, but the optimum treatment conditions have not been studied systematically. When cumulus-free oocytes were treated with 10mM SrCl(2) for 0.5-5h, activation rates (88.4+/-4.1
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