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Protein Interactions
This protocol describes a method for chemical cross-linking of proteins using formaldehyde. With the exception of zero-length cross-linkers, formaldehyde has the shortest cross-linking span (~2-3 Å) of any cross-linking reagent, thus making it an ideal tool for detecting specific protein-protein...
Enzymatic Assay of Superoxide Dismutase
Enzymatic Assay of Superoxide Dismutase
Comet Assay
The Comet Assay, also called single cell gel electrophoresis (SCGE), is a sensitive and rapid technique for quantifying and analyzing DNA damage in individual cells.
Enzymatic Assay and ATP Sensitivity Test of Luciferase
Objective: To standardize a procedure to determine the enzymatic activity of Luciferase and/or to determine the ATP detection limit of Luciferase.
Oligodt Columns
Selection of Poly(A)+ RNA by Oligo(dT)-Cellulose Chromatography
Recycling Micro-Assay of β-NAD and β-NADH
Objective: To standardize a procedure for the recycling micro-assay of β-NAD and β-NADH
Phycology Media in Plant Tissue Culture
Phycology media can be prepared from concentrated solutions or from powdered salt mixtures. The concentrated solutions are complete, including vitamins, and should be stored frozen.
Analytical Method: Analytical Quality Assurance, Standard for Sulfite
Preparation of a standard solution for Sulfite
Cell Dissociation Protocol with Trypsin
Trypsin is frequently used in cell dissociation from adherent surfaces. We offer a wide variety of trypsin solutions to meet your specific cell line requirements, as well as protocols, troubleshooting ideas, and more.
Enzymatic Assay of Lipase Type XIII from Pseudomonas sp. Using a Coupled Enzyme System of Glycerol Kinase and Glycerophosphate Oxidase (EC
Enzymatic assay of lipase type XIII from Pseudomonas sp. using a coupled enzyme system of glycerol kinase and glycerophosphate oxidase (EC