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Antibody structure, instability, and formulation.
Wang W
Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 96(1), 1-26 (2007)
Local activation of the complement system in endoneurial microvessels of diabetic neuropathy
Rosoklija G B, et al.
Acta Neuropathologica, 99(1), 55-62 (2000)
Işın Sinem Bağcı et al.
Acta dermato-venereologica, 97(5), 622-626 (2017-01-18)
Linear IgG deposits along the basement membrane of adnexa has been proposed to be useful in the diagnosis of bullous pemphigoid (BP), but no controlled studies have been performed. This study evaluated linear IgG fluorescence of the basement membrane of...
M A Ilham et al.
Transplantation proceedings, 40(6), 1839-1843 (2008-08-05)
Pretransplantation crossmatching is an integral part of kidney transplantation. Flow cytometric crossmatch (FCXM) is more sensitive than complement-dependent cytotoxic crossmatch (CDC-XM). However, the clinical significance of positive FCXM with negative CDC-XM is controversial. We evaluated FCXM in 455 consecutive deceased...
Systems biology of immunity to MF59-adjuvanted versus nonadjuvanted trivalent seasonal influenza vaccines in early childhood.
Nakaya, et al.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA, 113, 1853-1858 (2021)
Molecular Genetics of Immunoglobulin (1987)
C Papadea et al.
Critical reviews in clinical laboratory sciences, 27(1), 27-58 (1989-01-01)
Human IgG consists of two identical heavy (H) chains and two identical light (L) chains joined by interchain disulfide bridges. Heterogeneity in the amino acid sequences of the H and L polypeptides results in at least three types of IgG...
Irina B Torres et al.
Clinical transplantation, 28(10), 1148-1154 (2014-08-12)
Transplant glomerulopathy (TG) is the characteristic lesion of chronic antibody-mediated rejection (AMR). However, in some patients presents with no circulating HLA antibodies or C4d positivity. Patients with TG accomplishing criteria for chronic AMR were compared to patients with isolated TG....
Encyclopedia of Immunology (1998)
Christian Loch et al.
Journal of pharmaceutical sciences, 103(2), 517-526 (2013-12-07)
Intravitreal injections and drug-loaded implants are current approaches to treat diseases of the posterior eye. To investigate the release of active agents and their distribution in the vitreous body, a new test system was developed that enables a realistic simulation...
G B Rosoklija et al.
Acta neuropathologica, 99(1), 55-62 (2000-01-29)
Quantitative immunocytochemical analysis of complement proteins (CP) was performed on sural nerve biopsies from 15 patients with diabetic neuropathy (DN) and 18 nondiabetic patients with other forms of chronic neuropathy (ON). The mean age of the patients and the pathological...
F Cataldo et al.
Minerva pediatrica, 42(12), 509-514 (1990-12-01)
IgG are the most common isotype of Ig and include four subclasses which differ from one another in the following ways: their initial amino acid sequence, their physical and chemical properties and the different serum concentrations reached with age. Every...
Diagnostic Value of Linear Fluorescence Along the Basement Membrane of Sweat Gland Ducts in Bullous Pemphigoid
Sinem B I, et al.
Acta Dermato-Venereologica, 97(5), 622-626 (2017)
Specific IgG for cat allergens in patients with allergic conjunctivitis.
Miyama A, et al.
International Ophthalmology, 35(4), 575-586 (2015)
B Niklasson et al.
Virology, 255(1), 86-93 (1999-03-02)
A previously unknown picornavirus was isolated from bank voles (Clethrionomys glareolus). Electron microscopy images and sequence data of the prototype isolate, named Ljungan virus, showed that it is a picornavirus. The amino acid sequences of predicted Ljungan virus capsid proteins...
Clinical significance of a positive flow crossmatch on the outcomes of cadaveric renal transplants
Ilham M A, et al.
Transplantation proceedings, 40(6), 1839-1843 (2008)
Łucja Dziawer et al.
Nanomaterials (Basel, Switzerland), 9(4) (2019-04-21)
Highly localized radiotherapy with radionuclides is a commonly used treatment modality for patients with unresectable solid tumors. Herein, we propose a novel α-nanobrachytherapy approach for selective therapy of human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER2)-positive breast cancer. This uses local...

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