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Dieter Palmberger et al.
PloS one, 7(4), e34226-e34226 (2012-04-10)
Recombinant production of therapeutically active proteins has become a central focus of contemporary life science research. These proteins are often produced in mammalian cells, in order to obtain products with post-translational modifications similar to their natural counterparts. However, in cases...
Frederick W Jacobsen et al.
Journal of immunology (Baltimore, Md. : 1950), 186(1), 341-349 (2010-12-07)
Studies for vaccine and human therapeutic Ab development in cynomolgus monkeys (cynos) are influenced by immune responses, with Ab responses playing a significant role in efficacy and immunogenicity. Understanding the nature of cyno humoral immune responses and characterizing the predominant...
Julia Hennicke et al.
New biotechnology, 50, 20-26 (2019-01-11)
IgM antibodies are arousing considerable interest as biopharmaceuticals. Despite their immunotherapeutic potential, little is known about the impact of environmental conditions on product quantity and quality of these complex molecules. Process conditions influence the critical quality attributes (CQAs) of therapeutic...
Soo Hean Gary Khoo et al.
Biotechnology and bioengineering, 102(1), 188-199 (2008-08-07)
The understanding of how cellular productivity is modulated in cell lines is of significant importance in the biopharmaceutical industry. Often, single molecular mechanisms fail to fully explain how specific antibody productivity is enhanced during proliferation arrest. Previously, we reported that...
Gerhard Stadlmayr et al.
Biotechnology and bioengineering, 105(3), 543-555 (2009-10-10)
A method combining fluorescence activated cell sorting (FACS) and DNA microarray assisted clone identification was developed and termed Genome-Scale Analysis of Library Sorting (GALibSo). Genes enhancing the production of secreted heterologous proteins in Pichia pastoris were identified out of a...
Steffen Dickopf et al.
Biological chemistry (2019-03-14)
A novel bispecific antibody format was applied to generate T cell-engaging antibodies. The TriFab format is a trivalent IgG-shaped entity composed of two Fab arms that bind to antigens on the surface of tumor cells, which are linked via flexible...
L F Pontes et al.
Journal of immunological methods, 251(1-2), 73-80 (2001-04-09)
Immunological rejection of kidney allografts is usually attributed to presensitization to HLA antigens. However, data on HLA identical transplant rejections indicate that non-HLA antigens may also be involved, and it has been suggested that vascular endothelium represents the main target...
Highly flexible, IgG-shaped, trivalent antibodies effectively target tumor cells and induce T cell-mediated killing.
Dickopf, et al.
Biological Chemistry, 400, 343-350 (2021)

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