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Frank Brand et al.
Acta neuropathologica, 139(1), 175-192 (2019-09-02)
In search of novel genes associated with glioma pathogenesis, we have previously shown frequent deletions of the KIAA1797/FOCAD gene in malignant gliomas, and a tumor suppressor function of the encoded focadhesin impacting proliferation and migration of glioma cells in vitro...
Hamideh Babaloo et al.
Journal of cellular physiology, 234(7), 11060-11069 (2018-12-26)
The significant consequences of spinal cord injury (SCI) include sensory and motor disability resulting from the death of neuronal cells and axon degeneration. In this respect, overcoming the consequences of SCI including the recovery of sensory and motor functions is...
Louise A Knight et al.
BMC cancer, 9, 38-38 (2009-01-30)
Previous data suggest that lipophilic statins such as fluvastatin and N-bisphosphonates such as zoledronic acid, both inhibitors of the mevalonate metabolic pathway, have anti-cancer effects in vitro and in patients. We have examined the effect of fluvastatin alone and in...
Mirna González-González et al.
Biotechnology progress, 30(3), 700-707 (2014-01-23)
Aqueous two-phase systems (ATPS) represent a promising strategy for the recovery of CD133(+) stem cells. This particular type of stem cells has great potential for research and clinical applications. Traditional [polyethylene glycol (PEG), dextran (DEX), and ficoll] and novel (Ucon)...
Bo Chen et al.
Tissue engineering. Part C, Methods, 19(8), 586-595 (2013-02-21)
Macromolecular crowding (MMC) has been shown to have a beneficial effect on production and maturation of extracellular matrices in a monolayer cell culture model. To explore its potential in tissue engineering, a mixture of Ficoll 70 and Ficoll 400 is...
Yongtae Kim et al.
PloS one, 6(1), e14624-e14624 (2011-02-10)
Embryonic development is guided by a complex and integrated set of stimuli that results in collective system-wide organization that is both time and space regulated. These regulatory interactions result in the emergence of highly functional units, which are correlated to...
Weihua Fei et al.
PLoS genetics, 7(7), e1002201-e1002201 (2011-08-11)
Lipid droplets (LDs) are important cellular organelles that govern the storage and turnover of lipids. Little is known about how the size of LDs is controlled, although LDs of diverse sizes have been observed in different tissues and under different...
Lucie Kosinova et al.
Islets, 11(6), 129-140 (2019-09-10)
Instant Blood-Mediated Inflammatory Reaction (IBMIR) is a major cause of graft loss during pancreatic islet transplantation, leading to a low efficiency of this treatment method and significantly limiting its broader clinical use. Within the procedure, transplanted islets obstruct intrahepatic portal...
Naoaki Sakata et al.
Transplantation, 87(6), 825-830 (2009-03-21)
There is a recent focus on embolization of the portal vein by transplanted islets as a major cause of early graft loss. The resultant ischemia causes necrosis or apoptosis of cells within the liver. Thus, noninvasive assessment of the liver...
Yanyan Xu et al.
Zhongguo xiu fu chong jian wai ke za zhi = Zhongguo xiufu chongjian waike zazhi = Chinese journal of reparative and reconstructive surgery, 24(4), 406-409 (2010-05-13)
The purity and activity of islets will greatly affect the outcome of xenotransplantation therapy of type 1 diabetes mellitus. To set up an improved method of the isolation and purification of rat islets, which can obtain high-purity, high-yield, and high-viability...