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ColorWheel® FAQs
Find answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) about ColorWheel® flow cytometry antibodies and dyes, straight from the experts.
Tips for Optimizing Immunofluorescence Protocols to Get the Best Image
Uses for immunofluorescence (IF)—where an antibody conjugated to a molecule that fluoresces when excited by lasers— include protein localization, confirmation of post-translational modification or activation, and proximity to/complexing with other proteins.
Fluorescent in situ Hybridization (FISH)
Available Fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH) procedures, reagents and equipment.
Hypoxia Detection Assays
Hypoxia detection assays to measure oxygen levels in both live and fixed cells and tissues.
Multicolor Flow Cytometry | Tips for Building Flow Cytometry Panels
Uncover tips for multicolor flow cytometry experiments, including the challenges in multicolor flow cytometry, steps for how to build a multicolor flow cytometry panel, tandem dyes, and tools for multicolor assay design.
Flow Cytometry Troubleshooting Guide | How to Improve Flow Cytometry Analysis
Need tips on how to improve your flow cytometry analysis? Check out this flow cytometry troubleshooting guide with possible causes and solutions for most common problems encountered during flow cytometry experiments, including a loss or lack of signal, high background
How to Select Flow Cytometry Dyes | Tips for Flow Cytometry Dye Selection
Discover how to select flow cytometry dyes with tips for flow cytometry dye selection including matching fluorescence profiles of fluorophores to the configuration of flow cytometers, the factors that can affect fluorophore performance in a multicolor panel, and helpful tools
Prestige Antibodies® on The Cell Atlas
Visualize the spatial distribution of proteins in cells using the Cell Atlas part of the Human Protein Atlas. For each protein, there are multiple immunofluorescent staining images in a vast number of cell lines.
Flexibility in Flow Cytometry Multiplexing | ColorWheel® Antibodies and Dyes
Harness the flexibility of ColorWheel® flow cytometry antibodies and dyes to unlock freedom in your flow cytometry multiplex assay design or multicolor panel design and simplify your multiplex flow cytometry workflows.
Fluorescence Lifetime Measurement
Fluorescence lifetime measurement is advantageous over intensity-based measurements. Applications include fluorescence lifetime assays, sensing and FLI.
Fluorescent Retinoid Probes
Fluorescent retinoic acid analogues for use in cellular imaging, protein-ligand binding assays, and flow cytometry to bypass traditional problems associated with fluorescent probes.