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Removing DNA and RNA Using Benzonase Endonuclease During Viral Production
Whether you are developing cell and gene therapies or viral vaccines, removing contaminating nucleic acids is an important part of viral production. The simplest way to do this is to use the Benzonase® endonuclease.
Development of a Novel Sf9 Rhabdovirus-Negative Cell Line (Sf-RVN®) and Companion Chemically Defined Medium
See how the Sf9 rhabdovirus-free cell line was developed and how we’ve developed a companion chemically-defined insect cell media for protein and viral expression.
Development of a Novel Cell Culture Medium for AAV Production With Multiple HEK293 Lineages and Process Optimization
Read our white paper on the development of a novel cell culture medium for AAV production with multiple HEK293 lineages and process optimization.
High Performance Upstream Platforms for Lentiviral and Adeno-associated Virus Manufacturing
Optimizing the upstream portion of gene therapy production sets the stage for successful manufacturing by maximizing viral vector titers. To increase upstream titers and process productivity, manufacturers must partner with upstream technology experts who work with HEK293, HEK293T and Sf9
Scalability Challenges of Viral Vector Manufacturing
Scaling up viral vector production using adherent cell culture systems is challenging. Learn how suspension cell culture systems benefit large-scale bioprocessing.
Bioprocessing And Scale-Up Of Suspension HEK293 Cells For AAV Manufacturing
To address scalability challenges of AAV manufacturing, we developed an HEK293 suspension cell line that can be used across many serotypes. Get the data in this article.
Considerations for Development of a Platform Lentivirus Harvest Clarification Process for Cell and Gene Therapy
This article explores a variety of lentivirus harvest clarification options and items for consideration during manufacturing platform development of viral therapy production using suspension cell lines.
Bioreactor Process Development and Scale-Up for Transient Transfection-Based Lentivirus Manufacturing in Suspension Cell Culture
A step-by-step overview of suspension-based, transient transfection bioreactor process development and scaleup of lentivirus production.