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Protein Degrader Building Blocks
Our protein degrader building blocks are the easiest way to generate libraries of protein degraders, such as proteolysis targeting chimeras (PROTAC® molecules), that can be screened for effective degradation of your target protein from cells.
Chemical Biology Tools
Our chemical biology tools incorporate techniques and strengths of chemistry to address fundamentally important research in biology, medicine, and drug discovery.
Choose from our wide selection of metals, metal salts, and metal oxides in various grades, ideal for a variety of applications in R&D, production, and quality control. We guarantee to deliver premium high purity and quality products, with excellent batch-to-batch...
Protection/Deprotection Reagents
We offer efficient protection and deprotection reagents for site-selectivity control of functional group transformations in multi-step organic synthesis.
Metabolism Assay Kits
We offer a broad range of metabolism assay kits for the convenient and dependable analysis of metabolites and enzymes for all your research applications.
California Consumer Privacy Act
California Consumer Privacy Act
We offer a broad portfolio of vitamins for research in cell function, cell growth, and cell regeneration in living organisms and their role in nutrition, health, and disease.
MISSION® TRC3 Human LentiORF Collection
MISSION® TRC3 Human LentiORF Collection; Synonym: Blasticidin ORF, Entry ORF, Gateway Cloning, Gene Expression, Gene Overexpression, Gene Validation, LentiORF, MISSION® TRC3 Human LentiORF, MISSION® TRC3 ORF, Open Reading Frame, Protein Expression, Puromycin ORF, Rescue Experiments, TRC3; find null-ORF MSDS, related...
Metabolite Libraries
We provide small molecule metabolite libraries and kits with a comprehensive range of primary metabolite compounds covering key metabolic pathways for your metabolomics research.
C-C Bond Forming Reagents
With our portfolio of carbon-carbon bond-forming reagents, your breakthroughs in fundamental carbon-carbon bond formation coupling reactions will feel closer than ever.
Cosmetics Preference Center
Please complete the form below to update your preferences, interests, and to subscribe to the Cosmetics & Personal Care newsletter.
Receive More Information about our regulatory guidance, products & services for Food & Beverage Testing and Analysis
We care about food & beverage safety as much as you do and are committed to advancing global food safety and quality together with our customers, regulators, and consumers through our chemistry and microbiology solutions.
Custom Peptides
Custom Peptides: Product Overview, Design, and Ordering
Organosilicon Reagents
Our unprecedented portfolio of organosilicon reagents includes disilanes, silanols, silazanes, silicates, siloxanes, trialkoxysilanes to support all of your breakthrough ideas.
Amino Acids
We have a comprehensive offering of high-purity amino acids and derivatives important to metabolomic pathways and protein structure for your research needs.
Gene Editing 101 eBook
Learn how to understand, design and perform CRISPR experiments, as well as design gRNA, choose a Cas9 format, screen with CRISPR, use advanced CRISPR formats, and much more…
Flavors and Fragrances - New Product Offerings
Thank you for your interest in our highlighted flavor and fragrance ingredients. After submitting the form you will be re-directed to our website. We will be in touch with you soon in regards to the sample(s) you requested.
Reducing Agents
We have the right reducing agents, including alkali metals and metal hydrides, to accommodate your reduction reaction methods for organic synthesis in small molecule research.
Hydrogenation Catalysts
Find the optimal solution in our comprehensive range of high-quality hydrogenation catalysts for all of your hydrogenation needs.
Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) Kits
Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) kits, reagents, and resources that provide ultrasensitive biomarker detection.
MILLIPLEX® Multiplex for Luminex® Immunoassays
Discover with confidence using MILLIPLEX® multiplex immunoassays for Luminex® while ensuring robust assay performance and an always expanding portfolio to meet your biomarker detection needs.
Olefin Metathesis
Explore our exceptional portfolio of olefin metathesis catalysts and take advantage of Grubbs’ technical expertise to advance your research and breakthrough synthesis ideas.
Filter Paper
Whatman® filter papers for qualitative and quantitative analysis.
Building Blocks
We offer a vast selection of organic building blocks to enable straightforward synthesis, regardless of your target. Our offering includes both standard and speciality regents, such as Baran functionalized building blocks and Baran hindered amines.
Chemical Biology
Our market-leading, chemical biology products provide expert and simple solutions for bioconjugation, as well as biomolcule and peptide synthesis.
Processing Small Tissue or Cell Samples using Sample Grinding Kit
Sample Grinding Kit from GE Healthcare is designed to disrupt cell or tissue samples for protein extraction.
We offer high-quality lipids, including fatty acids, glycerides, sphingolipids and bioactive lipids, for all your lipid analysis needs, from isolation and separation to identification and quantification.
Organolithium Reagents
Our organolithium reagents are critical to the successful formation of known bond formations (e.g. nucleophilic addition and substitution) and the development of new technologies in organic synthesis.

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