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Serazhutdin A Abdullaev et al.
Radiation and environmental biophysics, 54(3), 297-304 (2015-05-04)
Investigation of cell-free DNA (cf-DNA) in body fluids, as a potential biomarker for assessing the effect of ionizing radiation on the organism, is of considerable interest. We investigated changes in the contents of cell-free mitochondrial DNA (cf-mtDNA) and cell-free nuclear
Peter L Roberts et al.
Biologicals : journal of the International Association of Biological Standardization, 35(4), 343-347 (2007-05-23)
Virus inactivation by a number of protein denaturants commonly used in gel affinity chromatography for protein elution and gel recycling has been investigated. The enveloped viruses Sindbis, herpes simplex-1 and vaccinia, and the non-enveloped virus polio-1 were effectively inactivated by
Anna-Maria Botha et al.
Biology open, 3(11), 1116-1126 (2014-11-02)
Russian wheat aphid (Diuraphis noxia, Kurdjumov) feeding on susceptible Triticum aestivum L. leads to leaf rolling, chlorosis and plant death - symptoms not present in resistant lines. Although the effects of several D. noxia (Dn) resistance genes are known, none
Ewa K Stuermer et al.
Wound repair and regeneration : official publication of the Wound Healing Society [and] the European Tissue Repair Society, 23(1), 82-89 (2015-01-13)
One of the putative pathophysiological mechanisms of chronic wounds is a disturbed homing of stem cells. In this project, the stromal cell-derived factor 1 (SDF-1)/C-X-C chemokine receptor (CXCR) 4 and SDF-1/CXCR7 pathway were focused in human adipose-derived stem cells (ASCs).
Borys Snopok et al.
The Analyst, 140(9), 3225-3232 (2015-03-13)
An ultra-sensitive gas phase biosensor/tracer/bio-sniffer is an emerging technology platform designed to provide real-time information on air-borne analytes, or those in liquids, through classical headspace analysis. The desired bio-sniffer measures gaseous 17α- ethinylestradiol (ETED) as frequency changes on a quartz
Yuji Suzuki et al.
Bioscience, biotechnology, and biochemistry, 72(7), 1951-1953 (2008-07-08)
High-quality total RNA was extracted using a cethyltrimethylammonium bromide-containing buffer followed by an acid guanidium thiocyanate-phenol-chloroform treatment from recalcitrant plant tissues such as tree leaves (pine, Norway spruce, ginkgo, Japanese cedar, rose), flowers (rose, Lotus japonicus) and storage tissues (seeds
Kai Y Mak et al.
Molecular therapy : the journal of the American Society of Gene Therapy, 23(9), 1434-1443 (2015-05-23)
Angiotensin converting enzyme 2 (ACE2) which breaks down profibrotic peptide angiotensin II to antifibrotic peptide angiotensin-(1-7) is a potential therapeutic target in liver fibrosis. We therefore investigated the long-term therapeutic effect of recombinant ACE2 using a liver-specific adeno-associated viral genome
Development of a universal internal positive control
Kavlick MF
Biotechniques, 65(5), 275-280 (2018)
Jenny Tynyakov et al.
The Journal of experimental biology, 218(Pt 21), 3487-3498 (2015-09-20)
Some crustaceans possess exoskeletons that are reinforced with calcium carbonate. In the crayfish Cherax quadricarinatus, the molar tooth, which is part of the mandibular exoskeleton, contains an unusual crystalline enamel-like apatite layer. As this layer resembles vertebrate enamel in composition
Ross Dobie et al.
Journal of cellular physiology, 230(11), 2796-2806 (2015-04-03)
Growth hormone (GH) signaling is essential for postnatal linear bone growth, but the relative importance of GHs actions on the liver and/or growth plate cartilage remains unclear. The importance of liver derived insulin like-growth factor-1 (IGF-1) for endochondral growth has
Tomas Sneideris et al.
PeerJ, 3, e1207-e1207 (2015-09-12)
Prions are infectious proteins where the same protein may express distinct strains. The strains are enciphered by different misfolded conformations. Strain-like phenomena have also been reported in a number of other amyloid-forming proteins. One of the features of amyloid strains
María Laura Susevich et al.
Current microbiology, 70(4), 470-475 (2014-12-08)
The use of viruses for biological control is a new option to be considered. The family Dicistroviridae, which affects only invertebrates, is one of the families that have been proposed for this purpose. The Triatoma virus (TrV), a member of
Silica-guanidinium thiocyanate-based nucleic acid isolation protocol does not improve sensitivity of two commercial tests for detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in respiratory samples.
H R van Doorn et al.
European journal of clinical microbiology & infectious diseases : official publication of the European Society of Clinical Microbiology, 25(10), 673-675 (2006-09-12)
Ailin Lepletier et al.
PLoS neglected tropical diseases, 8(10), e3203-e3203 (2014-10-21)
The protozoan parasite Trypanosoma cruzi is able to target the thymus and induce alterations of the thymic microenvironmental and lymphoid compartments. Acute infection results in severe atrophy of the organ and early release of immature thymocytes into the periphery. To
Matthias Lucke et al.
International journal of pharmaceutics, 481(1-2), 125-131 (2015-01-18)
In this work, the recombinant spider silk protein eADF4(C16) was used to fabricate particles in the submicron range using a micromixing method. Furthermore, particles in the micrometer range were produced using an ultrasonic atomizer system. Both particle species were manufactured
Kelly J Vining et al.
The New phytologist, 206(4), 1406-1422 (2014-10-30)
As a step toward functional annotation of genes required for floral initiation and development within the Eucalyptus genome, we used short read sequencing to analyze transcriptomes of floral buds from early and late developmental stages, and compared these with transcriptomes
Young Pyo Choi et al.
The American journal of pathology, 184(12), 3299-3307 (2014-10-05)
Sporadic Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease is the most common of the human prion diseases, a group of rare, transmissible, and fatal neurologic diseases associated with the accumulation of an abnormal form (PrP(Sc)) of the host prion protein. In sporadic Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, disease-associated
Joshua S Alwood et al.
Journal of interferon & cytokine research : the official journal of the International Society for Interferon and Cytokine Research, 35(6), 480-487 (2015-03-04)
Exposure to ionizing radiation can cause rapid mineral loss and increase bone-resorbing osteoclasts within metabolically active, cancellous bone tissue leading to structural deficits. To better understand mechanisms involved in rapid, radiation-induced bone loss, we determined the influence of total body
Subhasish Chatterjee et al.
The Journal of biological chemistry, 290(22), 13779-13790 (2015-04-01)
Melanin pigments protect against both ionizing radiation and free radicals and have potential soil remediation capabilities. Eumelanins produced by pathogenic Cryptococcus neoformans fungi are virulence factors that render the fungal cells resistant to host defenses and certain antifungal drugs. Because
Feroz Khan et al.
IUBMB life, 59(1), 34-43 (2007-03-17)
The effect of urea, guanidine thiocyanate, temperature and pH was studied on the conformational stability of Fusarium solani lectin. Equilibrium unfolding with chemical denaturants showed that the lectin was least stable at pH 12 and maximally stable at pH 8.0
Qiang Shao et al.
The Journal of chemical physics, 137(14), 145101-145101 (2012-10-16)
To investigate how solvent (water) and cosolvent (osmolyte) affect protein structure in various osmolyte solutions, in the present study we used GB1p peptide as the model protein to study its folding process in 2,2,2-trifluoroethanol (TFE)∕water and denaturation process in GdmSCN∕water
Johannes Hunger et al.
The journal of physical chemistry. B, 117(2), 615-622 (2012-12-18)
We study the conductance of dilute aqueous solutions for a series of guandinium salts at 298.15 K. The experimental molar conductivities were analyzed within the framework of the Quint-Viallard theory in combination with Debye-Hückel activity coefficients. From this analysis, we
Tips for extracting total RNA from chondrocytes cultured in agarose gel using a silica-based membrane kit.
Kensuke Mio et al.
Analytical biochemistry, 351(2), 314-316 (2006-02-08)
Yu-il Kang et al.
ChemSusChem, 8(22), 3799-3804 (2015-10-17)
Dye-sensitized solar cells (DSCs) with long-term stability are produced using polymer-gel electrolytes (PGEs). In this study, we introduce the formation of PGEs using in situ gelation with poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA) particles and graphene fillers that are pre-deposited on the counter electrodes.
Jung-Che Tsai et al.
Chemistry, an Asian journal, 10(9), 1932-1939 (2015-07-15)
Mesoporous cobalt sulfide nanotube arrays on FTO-coated glass were synthesized by combining three simple technologies: the selective etching of ZnO sacrificial templates, mesoporous Co3 O4 formation from cobalt-chelated chitosan, and ion-exchange reaction (IER). The mesoporous Co3 O4 nanotubes composed of
Yaroslav A Kainov et al.
Nature communications, 11(1), 361-361 (2020-01-19)
Eukaryotic gene expression relies on extensive crosstalk between transcription and RNA processing. Changes in this composite regulation network may provide an important means for shaping cell type-specific transcriptomes. Here we show that the RNA-associated protein Srrt/Ars2 sustains embryonic stem cell
Rasna Sabharwal et al.
Experimental physiology, 100(7), 776-795 (2015-04-30)
What is the central question of this study? Is autonomic dysregulation in a mouse model of muscular dystrophy dependent on left ventricular systolic dysfunction and/or activation of the renin-angiotensin system (RAS) and does it predict development of dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM)?
V I Duda et al.
Mikrobiologiia, 74(4), 505-510 (2005-10-11)
The yeasts Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Pichia pastoris and the bacteria Micrococcus luteus, Bacillus subtilis, and Anaerobacter polyendosporus have been treated with the chaotropic agents guanidine hydrochloride and guanidine thiocyanate and certain detergents and studied using fluorescence microscopy. Studies with the
D Magana-Arachchi et al.
The international journal of tuberculosis and lung disease : the official journal of the International Union against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease, 12(3), 275-280 (2008-02-21)
Conventional methods for the identification of mycobacteria are slow and labour intensive. DNA amplification methods offer rapid sensitive and specific diagnosis. To determine the feasibility of an in-house polymerase chain reaction (PCR) method to detect Mycobacterium tuberculosis in clinical samples.
R Ribaudo et al.
Current protocols in neuroscience, Appendix 1, Appendix 1I-Appendix 1I (2008-04-23)
Most procedures for isolating RNA from eukaryotic cells involve lysing and denaturing cells to liberate total nucleic acids. Additional steps are then required to remove DNA. The first basic protocol describes hot phenol extraction of RNA; the method eliminates or
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