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Custom CRISPR Application Form
2A-Neomycin) Cas9 Blast (EF1a-Cas9-2A-Blasticidin) gRNA Only Options Gecko Puro (U6-gRNA/human-teF1a- puro) Gecko eGFP (U6-gRNA/human-teF1a- tGFP) All-in-One Options All-in-One
Determining Which Screening Option is Right for Your Experiment
stocks 10 µL @ min. 1x106 VP/mL in 102x384 well plates gRNA only; Puromycin; BFP +++ GeCKO whole genome library Knockout Pooled ~124,000 ~6 per gene Lentivirus 200 µL (8x25 µL) @ min.
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Cas9 proteins (spCas9, espCas9, Nickase, Cas9-GFP, espCas9-GFP). Arrayed and pooled libraries (GeCKO, Sanger) Cell Transfection • Roche (X-tremeGENE™), Sigma-Aldrich (MISSION® siRNA Transfection