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GenElute™ PCR Clean-Up Procedure
Follow this procedure to rapidly purify single-stranded or double-stranded PCR amplification products (100 bp to 10 kb) from excess primers, nucleotides, DNA polymerase, oil and salts using the GenElute™ PCR Clean-up Kit.
HighPrep™ PCR Clean Up Kit and Purification System Protocol
HighPrep™ PCR purification magnetic clean-up beads for manual and automated post-PCR, post-enzymatic reaction, NGS library clean-up.
Reaction Clean-Up
Purify nucleic acid from agarose gels, polyacrylamide gels, restriction digests, PCR reactions, and sequencing reactions with DNA and RNA cleanup purification kits for low to high throughput applications.
DNA/RNA Purification Cross Reference
Cross reference sheet matching GenElute™ nucleic acid purification products to Qiagen® nucleic acid purification products.
Plasmid DNA Purification
Plasmids purified from genomic DNA, proteins, ribosomes, and the bacterial cell wall are used in molecular biology research. Various methods have been developed for plasmid DNA purification.
Saliva DNA Extraction & WGA Amplification Protocol
Whole Genome Amplification can be performed on DNA extracted in many ways. We offer many products for DNA extraction, including the GenElute™ Blood Genomic DNA Kit, GenElute Mammalian Genomic DNA Miniprep Kit and the GenElute Plant Genomic DNA M iniprep.
RNA Purification
Rapid, reliable total RNA and mRNA purification from a variety of samples including cells, tissues, viruses, plants, serum, and plasma.
Extraction & Amplification of whole blood using WGA-Protocol
Whole blood is a common source of material used to perform genetic analysis. Many times genomic DNA isolated from whole blood samples is of low yield. This protocol is a simple method to isolate DNA from fresh or aged
DNA & RNA Purification
Overview of common techniques and downstream applications for extraction and purification of genomic DNA, plasmid DNA, and total RNA from cells, tissue, blood, viruses, and other sample types.
Animal Tissue DNA-Extraction & WGA Amplification Protocol
GenomePlex® Whole Genome Amplification is the method of extracting DNA from the animal sample. GenomePlex® products have been used to amplify genomic DNA from chicken, porcine, bovine, fish, and shrimp source.
Protocol for DNA extraction & WGA Amplification from Soil Samples
Genomic DNA from soil samples can be easily damaged by nucleases and contaminating debris resulting in low DNA yields. As a result, the researcher’s ability to perform downstream analysis may be compromised. After isolating DNA from the soil sample, the
Blood Card - Extraction & Amplification WGA Protocol
Blood cards provide the convenience of archiving small volumes of blood. However, many times genomic DNA from these samples is limited, This protocol provides a simple and convenient method to extract genomic DNA from a blood card. Once the DNA
Plasmid DNA Purification
Plasmid DNA purification kits offered in miniprep, midiprep, maxiprep, and gigaprep sizes for small to large scale purification of plasmid DNA for molecular cloning, transformation, and recombinant protein expression applications.
Plant DNA Extraction & WGA Amplification Protocol
GenomePlex® Whole Genome Amplification has been used to amplify genomic DNA from soybean, corn, tomato, purple coneflower, and ginseng.
NGS Library Preparation
Library preparation is the first step of next generation sequencing. Before DNA or RNA samples can be sequenced, nucleic acids must be isolated, fragmented, end-repaired, and covalently linked to adapters using ligation or tagmentation methods.
Buccal DNA Extraction & WGA Amplification Protocol
This protocol provides a simple and convenient method to isolate, amplify, and purify genomic DNA from buccal swabs. Buccal swabs are a convenient method of acquiring a DNA sample.
Extract-N-Amp™ Plant Tissue PCR Kits
The Extract-N-Amp™ kits are designed to rapidly extract and amplify genomic DNA. The plant tissue version of these kits has been optimized to amplify without concern over plant inhibitors. This technical document will discuss the versions of this kit that
Extract-N-Amp™ Tissue Feature Article
The Extract-N-Amp™ Tissue PCR Kit has been created to release PCR-ready DNA from mouse tails in a 15 minute single tube procedure. The included 2x PCR mix is optimized to work with the crude extracts and the solutions in the
Genomic DNA Extraction and Amplification Procedure using REDExtract-N-Amp™ Tissue PCR Kit
The REDExtract-N-Amp™ Tissue PCR Kit contains all the reagents needed to rapidly extract and amplify genomic DNA from mouse tails and other animal tissues, buccal swabs, hair shafts, and saliva.
Extract-N-Amp™ Tissue Feature Article
Standard methods for extracting DNA from tissues can be extremely laborious and time consuming. Certain applications, such as genotyping of transgenic mice using a section of tail, employ a lengthy DNA extraction process.
SeqPlex Enhanced DNA Amplification Kit (SEQXE) Protocol
The SeqPlex DNA Amplification Kit for whole genome amplification (WGA) is designed to facilitate next-generation sequencing (NGS) from extremely small quantities or from degraded/highly fragmented DNA
Blue-White Screening & Protocols for Colony Selection
Learn about and find protocols for the blue white screen technique used in molecular biology research to identify recombinant bacterial clones for further analysis.
Extract-N-Amp™ Blood PCR Kit Protocol
The Extract-N-Amp Blood PCR Kits contain all the reagents needed to rapidly extract and amplify human genomic DNA from whole blood, whole blood dried on a blood card, and cultured mammalian cells.
GenElute™ HP Plasmid Maxiprep Procedure
Follow this simple, rapid, and cost-effective method for isolating plasmid DNA from recombinant E. coli cultures with the GenElute™ HP Plasmid Maxiprep kit.
How to Prep DNA and RNA using GenElute™-E Single Spin Purification Kits
Demo video showing how to purify DNA and RNA GenElute™-E single spin nucleic acid purification kits
Extract-N-Amp™ FFPE Tissue PCR Protocol
Protocol for PCR amplification of formalin-fixed paraffin embedded animal tissues using the Extract-N-Amp Tissue PCR kit.
gDNA Purification
High yield, high quality DNA extraction and purification kits tailored to a variety of common and challenging sample types including cell culture, mammalian tissue, blood, viruses, bacteria, plant tissue, soil, water, urine, stool, PCR reactions, and agarose gel extractions.
Extract-N-Amp™ FFPE Tissue PCR Protocol
The following procedure is a modification of the Extract-N-Amp™ Tissue PCR protocol.
Selecting Correctly Expressing Recombinants
Blue White Screening; DNA Minipreps; Screening by Restriction Digestion; Screening by PCR; Confirm cut plasmid sizes by agarose gel electrophoresis; DNA Maxipreps; DNA Precipitation; RNase Treatment; Clean-up of DNA
Creating Transgenic Mice using CRISPR-Cas9 Genome Editing
Creating Transgenic Mice using CRISPR-Cas9 Genome Editing
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