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Product Information Sheet - D106208
Number AL-106 PRODUCT NO. D10,620-8 These ethers are stable to alkali, organolithium and Grignard reagents, Red-Al®, lithium aluminum hydride, acetic anhy- dride, and chromium trioxide oxidations, yet
Green Chemistry Brochure
Resembles Toluene in physical properties – Bromo and lodo Grignards tend to be more soluble in 2-MeTHF where as chloro Grignard reagents tend to be less soluble • Forms an azeotrope rich with water
Product Information Sheet - Z406260
for convenient and safe handling of air- and moisture-sensitive materials (e.g., organolithium and Grignard solutions) that are packaged in Aldrich Sure/Seal‰ bottles. The valve cap, when equipped with a
Rieke Organozinc Reagents
of Rieke® Organozinc Reagents that are stable as solutions in tetrahydrofuran. These reagents have different reactivity and selectivity properties than the analogous Grignard Reagents, and are employed in
Phosphine Ligand Application Guide
• Addition of β-dicarbonyl enolates to dienes • Coupling of aryl and alkyl halides with Grignard reagents Ph P P Ph Ph Ph 261947 dppb 7688-25-7 426.47 X X X X X • Lactonization of unsaturated
Acta Interactive Archive Vol 51
process that does not involve nickel. The resulting alkenyl Grignard reagent was shown to react faster than the progenitor aryl Grignard reagent, and detailed kinetic studies revealed that arylmagnesiation
Acta Volume 49 Number 3
Scheme 4, Parts (a) and (b)). In 2014, Li’s group showed that the direct addition of alkyl Grignard reagents to perfluoroarenes was also possible (Scheme 4, Part (c)).25 More recently, Wu’s team developed
Perfection in every dimension 2014. Inorganic reagents Catalogue
Coulometric reagents advantages Description Bottle Neck Size Ord. No. AQUASTAR® CombiCoulomat Frit Reagent; for cells with diaphragm GL45 500 ml 1.09255.0500 AQUASTAR® CombiCoulomat Fritless Reagent; for