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Grignard Reagents
Our unparalleled portfolio of Grignard Reagents are used in reactions such as Grignard reaction to form a new carbon-carbon bond.
Hall Group – Professor Product Portal
Research in the Hall Group is centered on organoboron chemistry and explores various applications of boronic acid derivatives in reaction development, catalysis, natural product synthesis, and chemical biology. Hall and his co-workers have pioneered the concept of "Boronic Acid Catalysis”
Chemical Synthesis
Browse our selection of synthetic chemistry products, including coupling, halogenation, Grignard, oxidation, protection, deprotection, reduction, organoaluminium, and organosilicon reagents.
Selective 1,2-Additions with LaCl3·2LiCl
While the 1,2-addition of Grignard reagents to ketones is undoubtedly a powerful transformation, oftentimes selectivity issues arising from competitive alpha-deprotonation detract from the use of these reagents.
Selective Metalations
Selective Metalations using i-PrMgCl·LiCl and s-BuMgCl·LiCl
Tambar Group – Professor Product Portal
The Tambar Group has developed a series of reactions to convert unactivated olefins into value-added products (e.g., allylic amination, allylic alkylation).
Mild Mg – Halogen Exchange
Substantial progress has been made in magnesium–halogen exchange reactions used for the preparation of functionalized Grignard reagents containing sensitive moieties such as ester or cyano groups.
Ellman's Sulfinamides
Ellman's sulfinamide is available in both enantiomeric and racemic forms for your research. This versatile and useful auxiliary has found extensive use both in academics and industry.