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Hexamethylenetetramine: a new fuel for solution combustion synthesis of complex metal oxides.
Prakash AS, et al.
J. Mater. Synth. Process, 10(3), 135-141 (2002)
B Lee et al.
The Cochrane database of systematic reviews, (1)(1), CD003265-CD003265 (2002-03-01)
Methenamine salts are often used for the prevention of urinary tract infection (UTI). To assess the effectiveness of methenamine hippurate in preventing UTI. Published and unpublished randomised controlled trials were identified from the Cochrane Controlled Trials Register, MEDLINE, EMBASE, CINAHL
Erin M Warshaw et al.
Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, 66(2), 229-240 (2011-05-21)
Relatively little is known about the epidemiology of allergic contact dermatitis in older individuals. We sought to determine the frequency of positive and clinically relevant patch test reactions in older individuals (≥ 65 years old) referred for patch testing, and
Stable aqueous dispersions of graphene prepared with hexamethylenetetramine as a reductant.
Shen X, et al.
Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 354(2), 493-497 (2011)
Zhichao Liu et al.
PLoS computational biology, 7(12), e1002310-e1002310 (2011-12-24)
Drug-induced liver injury (DILI) is a significant concern in drug development due to the poor concordance between preclinical and clinical findings of liver toxicity. We hypothesized that the DILI types (hepatotoxic side effects) seen in the clinic can be translated
Hexamethylenetetramine: an old new building block for design of coordination polymers.
Kirillov AM.
Coordination Chemistry Reviews, 255(15), 1603-1622 (2011)
Yunpeng Huang et al.
Chemistry (Weinheim an der Bergstrasse, Germany), 21(28), 10100-10108 (2015-06-11)
Increasing energy demands and worsening environmental issues have stimulated intense research on alternative energy storage and conversion systems including supercapacitors and fuel cells. Here, a rationally designed hierarchical structure of ZnCo2 O4 @NiCo2 O4 core-sheath nanowires synthesized through facile electrospinning
Vassilis Pergialiotis et al.
Expert review of anti-infective therapy, 10(8), 875-879 (2012-10-04)
Acute cystitis is one of the most common health-related problems in the female population. Over the last few decades, a number of drugs labeled as 'urinary tract analgesics' were released; these are available over the counter and are gaining widespread
Junyeob Yeo et al.
ACS nano, 9(6), 6059-6068 (2015-06-03)
Recent development of laser-induced hydrothermal growth enabled direct digital growth of ZnO nanowire array at an arbitrary position even on 3D structures by creating a localized temperature field through a photothermal reaction in liquid environment. However, its spatial size was
Vinh Quang Dang et al.
Small (Weinheim an der Bergstrasse, Germany), 11(25), 3054-3065 (2015-02-24)
Ultraviolet (UV) photodetectors based on ZnO nanostructure/graphene (Gr) hybrid-channel field-effect transistors (FETs) are investigated under illumination at various incident photon intensities and wavelengths. The time-dependent behaviors of hybrid-channel FETs reveal a high sensitivity and selectivity toward the near-UV region at
Nuria Latorre et al.
Contact dermatitis, 65(5), 286-292 (2011-07-20)
Formaldehyde and formaldehyde-releasers are common causes of allergic contact dermatitis. To determine the frequency of sensitization to formaldehyde and seven formaldehyde-releasers. To establish and characterize groups of patients according to the results of patch testing. We performed a 5-year retrospective
Preparation of nitrogen-doped titania with high visible light induced photocatalytic activity by mechanochemical reaction of titania and hexamethylenetetramine.
Yin S, et al.
Journal of Materials Chemistry, 13(12), 2996-3001 (2003)
Susan M O'Gorman et al.
Dermatitis : contact, atopic, occupational, drug, 24(2), 64-72 (2013-03-12)
Allergic contact dermatitis (ACD) of the vulva arises as a primary condition or develops secondary to topical agents. We aimed to describe the incidence of ACD in patients presenting with vulvar symptoms and to identify the allergens of most importance.
Hydrothermal preparation of nitrogen-doped graphene sheets via hexamethylenetetramine for application as supercapacitor electrodes.
Lee JW, et al.
Electrochimica Acta, 85, 459-466 (2012)
Mehdi Taghdiri et al.
Journal of hazardous materials, 246-247, 206-212 (2013-01-15)
The industrial wastewater produced by hexamine plants is considered as a major environmental polluting factor due to resistance to biodegradation. So the treatment of such wastewater is required. In this work, the removal of hexamine from wastewater and its degradation
Jürgen Pauluhn et al.
Inhalation toxicology, 23(1), 58-64 (2011-01-13)
Phosgene is an important high-production-volume intermediate with widespread industrial use. Consistent with other lung irritants causing ALI (acute lung injury), mode-of-action-based countermeasures remain rudimentary. This study was conducted to analyze whether extremely short high-level exposure to phosgene gas could be
Jianguo Hu et al.
Talanta, 93, 345-349 (2012-04-10)
A green, one-step method for synthesis of graphene-Au nanoparticles (graphene-AuNPs) was introduced in this article, using an environmentally benign hexamethylenetetramine (HMTA) as reducing and stabilizing agent. HMTA slowly was hydrolyzed to generate aldehyde ammonia to reduce graphene oxides (GO) and
Yuliang Xie et al.
ACS nano, 8(12), 12175-12184 (2014-11-18)
In this work, we develop an in situ method to grow highly controllable, sensitive, three-dimensional (3D) surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) substrates via an optothermal effect within microfluidic devices. Implementing this approach, we fabricate SERS substrates composed of Ag@ZnO structures at
Synergism and antagonism in mild steel corrosion inhibition by sodium dodecylbenzenesulphonate and hexamethylenetetramine.
Hosseini M, et al.
Corrosion Science, 45(7), 1473-1489 (2003)
Ann Pontén et al.
Contact dermatitis, 68(1), 50-53 (2012-10-06)
The currently used patch test concentration for formaldehyde is 1.0% (wt/vol) in water. However, clinical experience and previous studies suggest that 1.0% might be insufficient for detecting an optimized number of clinically relevant cases of contact allergy to formaldehyde. To
Jian Jiang et al.
Nature communications, 6, 8622-8622 (2015-10-17)
Elemental sulfur cathodes for lithium/sulfur cells are still in the stage of intensive research due to their unsatisfactory capacity retention and cyclability. The undesired capacity degradation upon cycling originates from gradual diffusion of lithium polysulfides out of the cathode region.
Jenny Bergman et al.
BMC geriatrics, 11, 69-69 (2011-11-02)
Urinary tract infections (UTIs, including upper and lower symptomatic) are the most common infections in nursing homes and prevention may reduce patient suffering, antibiotic use and resistance. The spectre of agents used in preventing UTIs in nursing homes is scarcely
Vito Errico et al.
Scientific reports, 5, 12336-12336 (2015-07-24)
The wet chemical synthesis of nanostructures has many crucial advantages over high-temperature methods, including simplicity, low-cost, and deposition on almost arbitrary substrates. Nevertheless, the density-controlled solution growth of nanowires still remains a challenge, especially at the low densities (e.g. 1
B B Lee et al.
The Cochrane database of systematic reviews, (4)(4), CD003265-CD003265 (2007-10-19)
Methenamine salts are often used as an alternative to antibiotics for the prevention of urinary tract infection (UTI). To assess the benefits and harms of methenamine hippurate in preventing UTI. We searched the Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials (CENTRAL
Ana Rita Travassos et al.
Contact dermatitis, 65(5), 276-285 (2011-09-29)
Reports about the nature of the ingredients responsible for allergic contact dermatitis caused by specific cosmetic products are scarce. Between January 2000 and December 2010, the specific cosmetic products having caused allergic contact dermatitis, as well as the individual allergenic
Vipin Kumar et al.
Nanoscale, 7(27), 11777-11786 (2015-06-25)
The crystallographic structure and morphology of redox active transition metal oxides have a pronounced effect on their electrochemical properties. In this work, h-MoO3 nanostructures with three distinct morphologies, i.e., pyramidal nanorod, prismatic nanorod and hexagonal nanoplate, were synthesized by a
G S Yánez-Jácome et al.
Journal of chromatography. A, 1405, 126-132 (2015-06-17)
The usefulness of terbium oxide nanoparticles (Tb4O7NPs) as post-column derivatizing reagent for the liquid chromatographic determination of residues of quinolone antibiotics in milk samples has been studied. Seven quinolones of veterinary use have been chosen as model analytes to develop
Malgorzata M Brzóska et al.
Chemico-biological interactions, 229, 132-146 (2015-02-07)
It was investigated, in a female rat model of low and moderate lifetime human exposure to cadmium (Cd), whether polyphenols from Aronia melanocarpa berries (chokeberry; AMP) may offer protection from this heavy metal-induced disorders in bone metabolism. For this purpose
Phani Kiran Vabbina et al.
Biosensors & bioelectronics, 63, 124-130 (2014-07-30)
We report on label free, highly sensitive and selective electrochemical immunosensors based on one-dimensional 1D ZnO nanorods (ZnO-NRs) and two-dimensional 2D ZnO nanoflakes (ZnO-NFs) which were synthesized on Au-coated substrates using simple one step sonochemical approach. Selective detection of cortisol
Contact sensitization to quaternium-15 acting as a warning sign for curare allergy.
Sophie Osdoit et al.
Contact dermatitis, 65(2), 120-122 (2011-07-13)
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