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K R Adams et al.
Meat science, 110, 1-8 (2015-07-06)
The objectives of this study were to determine the dissolved CO2 and O2 concentrations in the purge of vacuum-packaged pork chops over a 60 day storage period, and to elucidate the relationship of dissolved CO2 and O2 to the microbial
Kurt R Schumacher et al.
The Journal of thoracic and cardiovascular surgery, 148(2), 589-595 (2013-10-22)
Increased blood lactate levels reflect tissue oxygen debt and might be indicative of low cardiac output. We hypothesized that the rate of increase in serum lactate would be an ideal marker to discriminate between infants at high and low risk
Mohamed Ali Abdel-Rahman et al.
Biotechnology advances, 31(6), 877-902 (2013-04-30)
Fermentative production of optically pure lactic acid has roused interest among researchers in recent years due to its high potential for applications in a wide range of fields. More specifically, the sharp increase in manufacturing of biodegradable polylactic acid (PLA)
Case records of the Massachusetts General Hospital. Case 23-2013. A 54-year-old woman with abdominal pain, vomiting, and confusion.
Kamyar Kalantar-Zadeh et al.
The New England journal of medicine, 369(4), 374-382 (2013-07-12)
Cécile Piroird et al.
Toxicology in vitro : an international journal published in association with BIBRA, 29(5), 901-916 (2015-03-31)
The U-SENS™ assay, formerly known as MUSST (Myeloid U937 Skin Sensitization Test), is an in vitro method to assess skin sensitization. Dendritic cell activation following exposure to sensitizers was modelled in the U937 human myeloid cell line by measuring the
Meaning of the venoarterial carbon dioxide difference/arterial-venous oxygen difference ratio.
Marion Berthet et al.
Critical care medicine, 41(12), e489-e490 (2013-11-28)
Min Liang et al.
Nitric oxide : biology and chemistry, 46, 114-122 (2014-12-20)
Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) has been reported to inhibit myocardial hypertrophy in a cell model of cardiomyocyte hypertrophy. Our previous study also shows an H2S-induced increase in glucose metabolism in insulin-targeting cells. The present study aims to examine the hypothesis that
Z Paul Lorenc
Aesthetic plastic surgery, 36(5), 1222-1229 (2012-08-29)
With the recognition of the key role of volume loss in the facial aging process, injectable dermal fillers and volumizers have become increasingly important treatment options for recontouring and rejuvenating the aging face. While replacement fillers effectively correct individual lines
Suzana Reis Evangelista et al.
International journal of food microbiology, 210, 102-112 (2015-06-30)
The evaluation of the microbiota present during coffee wet fermentation was done in two distinct regions of Minas Gerais, Brazil: one farm in the South of Minas Gerais (Lavras=L) and another farm in the savannah region (Monte Carmelo=MC). The yeast
Zhang Bo et al.
Environmental technology, 35(9-12), 1277-1285 (2014-04-08)
This study is aimed at investigating the performance of the two-phase anaerobic digestion of kitchen wastes in a lab-scale setup. The semi-continuous experiment showed that the two-phase anaerobic digestion of kitchen wastes had a bioconversion rate of 83%, biogas yield
Yun Xiao et al.
Methods (San Diego, Calif.), 84, 44-52 (2015-05-09)
In order to provide an instructive microenvironment to facilitate cellular behaviors and tissue regeneration, biomaterials can be modified by immobilizing growth factors or peptides. We describe here our procedure for modification of collagen-based biomaterials, both porous scaffolds and hydrogel systems
Wen Jen Lin et al.
Expert opinion on drug delivery, 11(10), 1537-1550 (2014-06-21)
The aim of this study was to develop the hexapeptide-conjugated active targeting micelles for delivery of doxorubicin (DOX) and paclitaxel (PTX) to EGFR high-expressed cancer cells. A hexapeptide, which mimicked the EGFR, was applied as a targeting ligand. The active
Mei Liu et al.
Biotechnology for biofuels, 8, 132-132 (2015-09-05)
Contamination of corn mash by lactic acid bacteria (LAB) reduces the efficiency of the ethanol fermentation process. The industry relies heavily on antibiotics for contamination control and there is a need to develop alternative methods. The goals of this study
Jens Wiebe et al.
Journal of the American College of Cardiology, 64(23), 2541-2551 (2014-12-17)
State-of-the-art drug-eluting metal stents are the gold standard for interventional treatment of coronary artery disease. Although they overcome some disadvantages and limitations of plain balloon angioplasty and bare-metal stents, some limitations apply, most notably a chronic local inflammatory reaction due
D L Kolesnik et al.
Experimental oncology, 37(2), 126-129 (2015-06-27)
A hallmark of malignancy is excessive tumor glycolysis, even in the presence of oxygen, which causes lactacidosis in the tumor microenvironment and favors tumor cell proliferation and survival. For this reason antimetabolic agents which target tumor cell metabolism are being
Maria I Tsiraki et al.
Food microbiology, 53(Pt B), 150-155 (2015-12-19)
The antimicrobial effect of citrus extract (at 1 mL/kg [TC1] and 2 mL/kg [TC2]) on the naturally occurring microflora and inoculated pathogens (Bacillus cereus and Salmonella enterica, at ca. 6 log cfu/g) in the traditional Greek yogurt-based salad Tzatziki during storage under vacuum
Ryosuke Hashide et al.
Journal of nanoscience and nanotechnology, 14(4), 3100-3105 (2014-04-17)
Poly(lactic acid) (PLA) microparticles were coated with layer-by-layer (LbL) films containing insulin and the pH-dependent release of insulin was studied. The LbL films were prepared on the surface of PLA microparticles by the alternate deposition of insulin and poly(allylamine hydrochloride)
Laurence L Miller et al.
Pain, 156(1), 175-184 (2015-01-20)
Pain-related depression of behavior and mood is a key therapeutic target in the treatment of pain. Clinical evidence suggests a role for decreased dopamine (DA) signaling in pain-related depression of behavior and mood. Similarly, in rats, intraperitoneal injection of dilute
A literature review of poly (lactic acid).
Garlotta D.
Journal of Polymers and the Environment, 9(2), 63-84 (2001)
Lactate in sepsis.
Hernando Gomez et al.
JAMA, 313(2), 194-195 (2015-01-15)
Qianwang Zheng et al.
Food microbiology, 52, 159-168 (2015-09-05)
The ability of nine commercial broths to enrich healthy and 90% sanitizer-injured Salmonella Typhimurium and Salmonella cocktail on mung bean sprouts was evaluated to select an optimum broth for detection. Results showed that S. Typhimurium multiplied faster and reached a
Zhengyuan Zhai et al.
Scientific reports, 5, 17024-17024 (2015-11-20)
Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus develops acid tolerance response when subjected to acid stress conditions, such as the induction of enzymes associated with carbohydrate metabolism. In this study, pyk gene encoding pyruvate kinase was over-expressed in heterologous host Lactococcus lactis NZ9000
Georgiana Sandu et al.
ACS nano, 8(9), 9427-9436 (2014-08-19)
Surface passivation of silicon anodes is an appealing design strategy for the development of reliable, high-capacity lithium-ion batteries. However, the structural stability of the coating layer and its influence on the lithiation process remain largely unclear. Herein, we show that
Esther Jiménez et al.
MicrobiologyOpen, 3(6), 937-949 (2014-10-23)
Bile is a biological fluid synthesized in the liver, stored and concentrated in the gall bladder (interdigestive), and released into the duodenum after food intake. The microbial populations of different parts of mammal's gastrointestinal tract (stomach, small and large intestine)
Abdul R Al-Azri et al.
Journal of oral pathology & medicine : official publication of the International Association of Oral Pathologists and the American Academy of Oral Pathology, 44(6), 459-467 (2014-09-13)
Matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) are involved in both maintenance of healthy mucosa and mediation of several pathologies. Recently, MMPs and their inhibitors have attracted attention as potential mediators of mucositis. We investigated tissue expression of MMP-3 and MMP-9 over time in
Sungyong Mun
Journal of chromatography. A, 1350, 72-82 (2014-06-03)
The performance of a three-zone simulated moving bed (SMB) chromatographic process for separation of succinic acid and lactic acid has been improved to a certain extent in previous researches by applying either a partial-feeding (PF) or a port-location rearrangement (PR)
Xiaomin He et al.
Journal of nanoscience and nanotechnology, 13(6), 3818-3825 (2013-07-19)
Electrospinning has recently received much attention, showing great potential as a novel scaffold fabrication method for cartilage tissue engineering. In this study, we developed a biodegradable hybrid nanofibrous membrane of collagen and poly(L-lactic acid-co-epsilon-caprolactone) (PLCL, 75:25) by electrospinning for cartilage
Nina Bjerre Østergaard et al.
International journal of food microbiology, 188, 15-25 (2014-08-03)
Four mathematical models were developed and validated for simultaneous growth of mesophilic lactic acid bacteria from added cultures and Listeria monocytogenes, during chilled storage of cottage cheese with fresh- or cultured cream dressing. The mathematical models include the effect of
Cristina Avonto et al.
Toxicology and applied pharmacology, 289(2), 177-184 (2015-10-13)
Skin sensitization is an important toxicological end-point in the risk assessment of chemical allergens. Because of the complexity of the biological mechanisms associated with skin sensitization, integrated approaches combining different chemical, biological and in silico methods are recommended to replace
Guanyi Wang et al.
Bioresource technology, 180, 119-127 (2015-01-17)
In this work, wheat bran (WB) was utilized as feedstock to synthesize fumaric acid by Rhizopus oryzae. Firstly, the pretreatment process of WB by dilute sulfuric acid hydrolysis undertaken at 100°C for 30min offered the best performance for fumaric acid
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