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Microbial Growth Protocols
General protocols for growth of competent cells in microbial medium.
Microbial Cell Culture
An overview of microbiological cell culture and its applications in molecular biology, cloning, and recombinant protein expression as well as cultivation for the isolation, differentiation, and identification of disease-causing microbes in clinical research.
Pathology Media – Plant Tissue Culture Protocol
Fungal and Bacterial Detection Media, Media Preparation and Storage, Media Composition Table.
Preparation of Competent Cells and Transformation with pGEX DNA
This page describes preparation of competent cells and transformation with pGEX DNA.
Bacterial Transformation Protocols
General protocols for growth of competent cells and their transformation (uptake of DNA).
Competent Cell Protocols
Technical Article on competent cells. Transformation is a process by which some bacteria take up foreign genetic material (naked DNA) from the environment.
Cell Culture Media Preparation
Culture media preparation for in vitro cell cultivation including preparation of different media formats, sterilization methods, cell growth and regulation supplements, media storage and use.
Transforming E.coli with Engineered Plasmid
Making Competent Cells; Making Agar Plates; Bacterial Transformation; Picking Colonies; Growing Bacteria in Liquid Culture; Freezing Bacteria.
Cloning & Expression
Cloning, protein expression vectors and techniques for optimal gene cloning and protein expression systems.

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