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Rémi Ducasse et al.
Scientific reports, 7(1), 11344-11344 (2017-09-14)
Artificial bio-based scaffolds offer broad applications in bioinspired chemistry, nanomedicine, and material science. One current challenge is to understand how the programmed self-assembly of biomolecules at the nanometre level can dictate the emergence of new functional properties at the mesoscopic
Tadas Povilaitis et al.
Protein engineering, design & selection : PEDS, 29(12), 617-628 (2016-09-28)
Compartmentalized self replication (CSR) is widely used for in vitro evolution of thermostable DNA polymerases able to perform PCR in emulsion. We have modified and adapted CSR technique for isothermal DNA amplification using mezophilic phi29 DNA polymerase and whole genome
Irena Kukavica-Ibrulj et al.
Journal of bacteriology, 190(8), 2804-2813 (2007-12-18)
Pseudomonas aeruginosa chronic lung infections are the major cause of morbidity and mortality in cystic fibrosis (CF) patients. The P. aeruginosa strains PAO1 and PA14 were compared with the Liverpool epidemic strain LESB58 to assess in vivo growth, infection kinetics
Eugene Y Kim et al.
Clinical immunology (Orlando, Fla.), 127(1), 98-106 (2008-02-16)
The pathogenesis of T cell-mediated diseases like rheumatoid arthritis (RA) has typically been explained in the context of the Th1-Th2 paradigm: the initiation/propagation by pro-inflammatory cytokines, and downregulation by Th2 cytokines. However, in our study based on the adjuvant-induced arthritis
Emma M Roberts et al.
The Journal of endocrinology, 202(3), 453-462 (2009-07-07)
The apelinergic system, comprised of apelin and its G protein-coupled receptor (APJ; APLNR as given in MGI Database), is expressed within key regions of the central nervous system associated with arginine vasopressin (AVP) synthesis and release as well as in
Ryota Sakamoto et al.
Nature communications, 11(1), 3063-3063 (2020-06-17)
Symmetric or asymmetric positioning of intracellular structures including the nucleus and mitotic spindle steers various biological processes such as cell migration, division, and embryogenesis. In typical animal cells, both a sparse actomyosin meshwork in the cytoplasm and a dense actomyosin
Toh Miyazaki et al.
Cell reports, 26(4), 1033-1043 (2019-01-24)
Optogenetics requires implantation of light-delivering optical fibers, as current light-sensitive opsins are activated by visible light, which cannot effectively penetrate biological tissues. Insertion of optical fibers and subsequent photostimulation inherently damages brain tissue, and fiber tethering can restrict animal behavior.
Nils Otto et al.
Current biology : CB, 30(16), 3200-3211 (2020-07-04)
Different types of Drosophila dopaminergic neurons (DANs) reinforce memories of unique valence and provide state-dependent motivational control [1]. Prior studies suggest that the compartment architecture of the mushroom body (MB) is the relevant resolution for distinct DAN functions [2, 3].
John P Ray et al.
Nature communications, 11(1), 1237-1237 (2020-03-08)
Genome-wide association studies have associated thousands of genetic variants with complex traits and diseases, but pinpointing the causal variant(s) among those in tight linkage disequilibrium with each associated variant remains a major challenge. Here, we use seven experimental assays to
Carla Danussi et al.
Molecular and cellular biology, 28(12), 4026-4039 (2008-04-16)
Lymphatic-vasculature function critically depends on extracellular matrix (ECM) and on its connections with lymphatic endothelial cells (LECs). However, the composition and the architecture of ECM have not been fully taken into consideration in studying the biology and the pathology of
Julian Spies et al.
Nature cell biology, 21(4), 487-497 (2019-02-26)
Failure to complete DNA replication is a stochastic by-product of genome doubling in almost every cell cycle. During mitosis, under-replicated DNA (UR-DNA) is converted into DNA lesions, which are inherited by daughter cells and sequestered in 53BP1 nuclear bodies (53BP1-NBs).
Demeng Chen et al.
STAR protocols, 2(2), 100484-100484 (2021-05-14)
BMI1-expressing cancer stem cells (CSCs) play a key role in the development, progression, therapy resistance, recurrence, and metastasis of head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (HNSCC). Here, we present a chemically-induced HNSCC mouse model, genetically and pathologically similar to human
Keke Shao et al.
PloS one, 6(9), e24910-e24910 (2011-09-29)
Aptamers are short RNA or DNA oligonucleotides which can bind with different targets. Typically, they are selected from a large number of random DNA sequence libraries. The main strategy to obtain aptamers is systematic evolution of ligands by exponential enrichment
Ce Shi et al.
Plants (Basel, Switzerland), 9(9) (2020-09-17)
Embryonic suspensor in angiosperms is a short-lived structure that connects the embryo to surrounding maternal tissues, which is necessary for early embryogenesis. Timely degeneration via programed cell death is the most distinct feature of the suspensor during embryogenesis. Therefore, the
Jordan M Ross et al.
Bio-protocol, 8(18), e3013-e3013 (2018-09-20)
Classical fear conditioning typically involves pairing a discrete cue with a foot shock. Quantifying behavioral freezing to the learned cue is a crucial assay for neuroscience studies focused on learning and memory. Many paradigms utilize discrete stimuli such as tones;
Guy Nir et al.
PLoS genetics, 14(12), e1007872-e1007872 (2018-12-27)
Chromosome organization is crucial for genome function. Here, we present a method for visualizing chromosomal DNA at super-resolution and then integrating Hi-C data to produce three-dimensional models of chromosome organization. Using the super-resolution microscopy methods of OligoSTORM and OligoDNA-PAINT, we
Leen Vandaele et al.
Veterinary research, 42, 14-14 (2011-02-15)
Bluetongue virus serotype 8 (BTV-8), which caused an epidemic in ruminants in central Western Europe in 2006 and 2007, seems to differ from other bluetongue serotypes in that it can spread transplacentally and has been associated with an increased incidence
Line Staun Larsen et al.
Caries research, 51(4), 402-409 (2017-06-24)
Information on differences in biofilm fluoride concentration across intra-oral regions may help explain the distribution of caries within the dentition. The aim of this cross-sectional study was to describe the fluoride concentration in saliva and in biofilm fluid and biofilm
Allison J Lopatkin et al.
Science (New York, N.Y.), 371(6531) (2021-02-20)
Although metabolism plays an active role in antibiotic lethality, antibiotic resistance is generally associated with drug target modification, enzymatic inactivation, and/or transport rather than metabolic processes. Evolution experiments of Escherichia coli rely on growth-dependent selection, which may provide a limited
Laurent Helden et al.
Langmuir : the ACS journal of surfaces and colloids, 32(51), 13752-13758 (2016-12-16)
Total internal reflection microscopy (TIRM) is a well-known technique to measure weak forces between colloidal particles suspended in a liquid and a solid surface by using evanescent light scattering. In contrast to typical TIRM experiments, which are carried out at
J Kabutomori et al.
Biology open, 9(8) (2020-07-15)
Urea transporters (UTs) facilitate urea diffusion across cell membranes and play an important role in the urinary concentration mechanisms in the kidney. Herein, we injected cRNAs encoding for c-Myc-tagged murine UT-B, UT-A2 or UT-A3 (versus water-injected control) in Lithobates oocytes
Nicole C Grieder et al.
PloS one, 3(9), e3241-e3241 (2008-09-20)
There is increasing evidence that tissue-specific modifications of basic cellular functions play an important role in development and disease. To identify the functions of COPI coatomer-mediated membrane trafficking in Drosophila development, we were aiming to create loss-of-function mutations in the
Mariasole Ciampoli et al.
Frontiers in behavioral neuroscience, 15, 704684-704684 (2021-08-06)
Adolescence is a developmental period crucial for the maturation of higher-order cognitive functions. Indeed, adolescence deficits in executive functions are strong predictors of increased vulnerability to several mental disabilities later in life. Here, we tested adolescent mice in a fully-automated
Cristina Fernández et al.
ACS synthetic biology, 7(9), 2087-2093 (2018-08-21)
The accumulation of aggregated forms of proteins as toxic species is associated with fatal diseases such as amyloid proteinopathies. With the purpose of deconstructing the molecular mechanisms of these type of diseases through a Synthetic Biology approach, we are working
Chee-Huat Linus Eng et al.
Nature methods, 14(12), 1153-1155 (2017-11-14)
Single-molecule FISH (smFISH) has been the gold standard for quantifying individual transcript abundances. Here, we scale up multiplexed smFISH to the transcriptome level and profile 10,212 different mRNAs from mouse fibroblast and embryonic stem cells. This method, called RNA sequential
Thomas Litschel et al.
Nature communications, 12(1), 2254-2254 (2021-04-17)
One of the grand challenges of bottom-up synthetic biology is the development of minimal machineries for cell division. The mechanical transformation of large-scale compartments, such as Giant Unilamellar Vesicles (GUVs), requires the geometry-specific coordination of active elements, several orders of
Joshua A Weinstein et al.
Cell, 178(1), 229-241 (2019-06-25)
Analyzing the spatial organization of molecules in cells and tissues is a cornerstone of biological research and clinical practice. However, despite enormous progress in molecular profiling of cellular constituents, spatially mapping them remains a disjointed and specialized machinery-intensive process, relying
Alexandre B Leitão et al.
eLife, 9 (2020-12-29)
Organisms rely on inducible and constitutive immune defences to combat infection. Constitutive immunity enables a rapid response to infection but may carry a cost for uninfected individuals, leading to the prediction that it will be favoured when infection rates are
Shuzo Kato et al.
Biomacromolecules, 22(8), 3451-3459 (2021-07-15)
Liquid-liquid phase separation (LLPS) is important to control a wide range of reactions from gene expression to protein degradation in a cell-sized space. To bring a better understanding of the compatibility of such phase-separated structures with protein synthesis, we study
Emiliano Altamura et al.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 118(7) (2021-02-03)
The construction of energetically autonomous artificial protocells is one of the most ambitious goals in bottom-up synthetic biology. Here, we show an efficient manner to build adenosine 5'-triphosphate (ATP) synthesizing hybrid multicompartment protocells. Bacterial chromatophores from Rhodobacter sphaeroides accomplish the
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