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Imprint® Methylated DNA Quantification Kit (MDQ1) Protocol
Imprint ® Methylated DNA Quantification Kit (MDQ1) Protocol
Global DNA Methylation Quantification
The overall degree of methylation of a genome can be a useful measure of global regulatory changes. Measurement of this parameter is usually performed after complete digestion to the single base and then analyzed using HPLC or mass spectrophotometry. The
Epigenetics tools and techniques for researching the complexities of epigenetic mechanisms including DNA methylation, histone modification, and RNA regulation.
Epigenetics Overview
Epigenetics is a term coined to describe changes that are not mutation based but can still be passed on from generation to generation. Genes that are activated or repressed without any change in DNA sequence are epigenetically controlled. Epigenetic modifications
Epigenetic reagents and resources for investigating RNA species, DNA methylation, chromatin modifications, and histone modifications.