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Anti-Akt1 antibody produced in rabbit affinity isolated antibody, buffered aqueous solution

Anti-Akt1 antibody produced in rabbit

Synonym(s): Anti-RAC-PK-α antibody produced in rabbit, Anti-Protein kinase B antibody produced in rabbit, Anti-PKB antibody produced in rabbit, Anti-RAC-α serine/threonine-protein kinase antibody produced in rabbit, Anti-C-AKT antibody produced in rabbit, Protein kinase Akt-2, PKB, Protein kinase B, C-AKT/ RAC-PK-β, RAC-PK-α, Anti-Protein kinase B / PKB
CompareProduct No.ClonalityApplicationSpecies ReactivityCitationsSDS
HPA002891polyclonalIF, IHChuman74enhanced validation
SAB4500007polyclonalELISA, WB, IHChuman, mouse, rat72
SAB3500216polyclonalIF, WB, IP, ELISA (i), IHChuman, rat, mouse77
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Anti-RAC1 antibody produced in rabbit affinity isolated antibody

Anti-RAC1 antibody produced in rabbit

Synonym(s): Cell migration-inducing gene 5 protein, Ras-like protein TC25, RAC1, p21-Rac1, Ras-related C3 botulinum toxin substrate 1
CompareProduct No.ClonalityApplicationSpecies ReactivityCitationsSDS
SAB4502560polyclonalELISA, WB, IHCmouse, rat, human10
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