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Anti-AOP1 antibody, Mouse monoclonal clone AOP-38, purified from hybridoma cell culture

Anti-AOP1 antibody, Mouse monoclonal

Synonym(s): Anti-Antioxidant-like Protein 1, Anti-Peroxiredoxin 3, Anti-PRDX3
CompareProduct No.ClonalityApplicationSpecies ReactivityCitationsSDS
A7674AOP-38, monoclonalWB, ELISA (i), ARRhuman, rat, monkey, canine, hamster, mouse, chicken8
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Monoclonal Anti-PRDX3 antibody produced in mouse clone 1E3-B2, purified immunoglobulin, buffered aqueous solution

Monoclonal Anti-PRDX3 antibody produced in mouse

Synonym(s): Anti-PRO1748, Anti-SP22, Anti-Peroxiredoxin 3, Anti-AOP1, Anti-MGC24293, Anti-MER5
CompareProduct No.ClonalityApplicationSpecies ReactivityCitationsSDS
WH0010935M11E3-B2, monoclonalIF, WB, IP, ELISA (i)human2
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