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Mycoplasma Testing
Mycoplasma testing in cell culture-based research and manufacturing is part of the routine testing in quality control laboratories.
Microbial Culture Media
A microbial culture medium promotes and supports the growth and the survival of microorganisms. It can be prepared as a liquid broth, solid agar plate or as semi-solid deeps. We offer a broad range of dehydrated and ready-to-use culture media...
Microbial Culture Media Raw Materials
Explore our wide range of culture media raw materials and supplements for microbiological purposes. All our raw materials and culture media supplements are safe to handle and ensure optimal performance.
Microbial Culture Media Preparation
Culture media provides essential nutrients for the cultivation of microbes. They also contain inhibitors for selective growth of specific microorganisms.
Microbial Cell Culture
An overview of microbiological cell culture and its applications in molecular biology, cloning, and recombinant protein expression as well as cultivation for the isolation, differentiation, and identification of disease-causing microbes in clinical research.
Microbiology in Plant Peptones
Plant peptones for microbial media are a good alternative to animal protein sources. 100% vegetable protein source means no BSE/TSE and no regulatory or compliance concerns.
Equipment for the Cell Culture Laboratory
General cell culture laboratory equipment including cell culture incubators, biosafety cabinets, plates, flasks, pipettes, vials, tubes and filtration units used to culture cells. Free ECACC handbook download.
Microbiology Theory: Media Preparation
Microorganisms need nutrients, a source of energy and certain environmental conditions in order to grow and reproduce. In the environment, microbes have adapted to the habitats most suitable for their needs, in the laboratory, however, these requirements must be met...
Sterility Testing Consumables, Media & Instruments
Laboratory instruments and consumables for sterility testing in microbiological quality control: Sterility test media, pumps, hardware and accessories.
Cell Culture Supplies
An extensive collection of cell culture supplies including serological pipets, cell spreaders and lifters, flasks for adherent and suspension cultures, shaker flasks, bioreactor flasks, spinner flasks, culture plates, cell culture inserts, petri dishes, and culture dishes.
Kapa Biosystems Taq DNA Polymerase and PCR Kits
Robust Taq DNA polymerase reagents and PCR kits for efficient extraction, purification, and amplification of routine and challenging DNA template sequences.
Coronavirus COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) Detection, Characterization, Vaccine and Therapy Production
We've consolidated our COVID-19 detection, characterization, and vaccine production product offers to help researchers responding to the coronavirus pandemic.
Millipore Expertise
Get easy access to a library of valuable resources compiled by our team of experts, including webinars, case studies, videos, and application notes to help you stay on top of your game.

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