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Carbon Nanomaterials
A comprehensive offering of carbon nanomaterials from fullerene, to carbon nanotubes, graphene, carbon quantum dots and nanodiamonds to empower your research and development in energy storage, high performing electronics, smart composites, and novel nano therapeutics.
Tutorial in Nanomaterials
Although the idea of carrying on manipulations at smaller and smaller scales has been around for quite some time the birth of nanotechnology, at least on an ideological level, is usually traced back to a speech by Richard Feynman at...
Carbon Nanomaterials – Discover Some of the Most Exciting Advancements in Nanomaterials
Carbon Nanomaterials – Discover some of the most exciting advancements in nanomaterials
Nanomaterials for Advanced Applications
The union of distinct scientific disciplines is revealing the leading edge of Nanotechnology.
Nanomaterials Technical Resources
Nanomaterials Technical Resources
Inorganic & Metallic Nanomaterials
We offer a comprehensive portfolio of inorganic and metallic nanomaterials, functionalized nanoparticles, and nanomaterial kits for your research needs.
Nanomaterials for Biomedical Applications
Dendrimers are just one class of nano-sized materials that are explored to develop new life-saving technologies. Single-wall carbon nanotubes are used to make miniaturized sensors for DNA, pathogens, and chemicals – for example glucose sensors. Multi-wall nanotubes, nanoclays, and ceramic...
Silver Nanomaterials: Properties & Applications
Silver nanomaterials have unique physical, chemical and optical properties that are being leveraged for a wide variety of applications.
Silver Nanomaterials for Biological Applications
Silver nanomaterials have unique physical, chemical, and optical properties that are currently being leveraged for a wide variety of biological applications.
Strategy for Toxicity Screening of Nanomaterials
A key challenge for nanomaterial safety assessment is the ability to handle the large number of newly engineered nanomaterials (ENMs), including developing cost-effective methods that can be used for hazard screening.
Silver Nanomaterials: Properties & Applications
Silver nanomaterials have unique physical, chemical and optical properties that are being leveraged for a wide variety of applications.
Halloysite Nanotubes Applications in Nanomaterials Research
Halloysite Nanotubes in Nanomaterials Research. Halloysite, a naturally occurring aluminosilicate nanotube, has been undeservedly forgotten.
Bio-Inspired “Green” Synthesis of Nanomaterials and their Applications
Silica is a very popular inorganic nanomaterial used in a wide range of applications including fillers for rubber, catalyst supports, separation media, carriers in food and agriculture, and abrasive/anticaking agents in cosmetics. It is also widely believed to be an...
Nanomaterials for Energy Storage in Lithium-ion Battery Applications
Nanomaterials for Energy Storage in Lithium-ion Battery Applications
Quantum Dots: An Emerging Class of Soluble Optical Nanomaterials
We presents an article concering Quantum Dots: An Emerging Class of Soluble Optical Nanomaterials.
Fluorescent Nanomaterials for Bioimaging: Considerations of Particle Brightness, Photostability, and Size
Professor Marco Torelli examines fluorescent nanomaterials for use in bioimaging applications current state-of-the-art materials, focusing on fluorescence brightness, photostability, and size, and relates them to emerging applications.
Carbon Nanomaterials: Elemental Analyses and Quantification of Their Accumulation in Living Cells
Carbon nanomaterials (CNMs), such as single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs), multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs), and graphene (Figure 1), have diverse commercial applications including lighter and stronger composite materials, improved energy storage devices, more sensitive sensors, and smaller transistors.
Nanomaterial Bioconjugation Techniques
Nanomaterial Bioconjugation Techniques
Atomic Layer Deposition of Nanomaterials for Li-Ion Batteries, Fuel Cells, and Solar Cells
Nanomaterials are considered a route to the innovations required for large-scale implementation of renewable energy technologies in society to make our life sustainable.
Material Matters
Material Matters is a technical periodical featuring technical review articles on hot topics in materials research. Topics include: nanotechnology, alternative energy, organic electronics and photonics, biomaterials, self-assembly and more.
Electron Microscopy
Electron microscopy utilizes a scanning or transmission system to pass an electron beam through a specimen to obtain ultrahigh resolution images with detailed structural information at the surface or atomic level.
Properties and Applications of Advanced 2D Materials: from Graphene to MXenes
In this webinar, Dr. Yury Gogotsi will explore the properties and potential applications of MXenes and their hybrids in comparison to graphene-based materials. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to get expert insights.
Electronic Materials
Our products include unique photoluminescent polymers, liquid crystals, triplet emitters, and LEP. We provide materials for LED, OLED, and LEP display development and manufacturing.
The Secret to ELISA-based Diagnostic Test Success: Know Your Detection Method
In this webinar, we cover immunoassay detection methods with a focus on ELISA-based diagnostic test applications. Detection chemistries to be discussed include gold nanoparticles, secondary antibody selection, and commonly used conjugants such as horserad
Nanoparticle & Microparticle Synthesis
Microparticle and nanoparticle synthesis refers to top-down and bottom-up approaches to create microparticles and nanoparticles using physical, chemical, and biological methods.
Biosensors & Imaging
Biosensors and bioimaging technologies enable the study of biological processes at the cellular and molecular level to detect pathogens, toxins, and biomarkers in biomedical and environmental applications.
Printed Electronic Materials
We have a comprehensive offering of inks for inkjet printing, screen printing, aerosol jet printing and blade coating to enhance your workflow in flexible printed circuits, organic electronics, and novel sensors.
Materials Science
Unleash the power of our materials science and engineering portfolio of biomaterials, nanomaterials, energy and electronic materials for all your research and industrial applications.
Our 2D chalcogenide and dichalcogenide materials exhibit superior electronic, optical, and semiconducting properties for use in medical diagnostics, fiber optics and photovoltaic applications.
Gold Nanoparticles for Biomolecular Diagnostics
Drs. Fernandes and Baptista explore the synthesis and functionalization of gold nanoparticles and their use in molecular diagnostics, focusing on lateral flow assays. They further discuss the regulations and standards of these materials, as well as the future outlook and...

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