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"Amidine-Based Catalysts (ABCs)- Design, Development, and Applications"
Catalysts (ABCs): Design, Development, and Applications Keywords. acylation; asymmetric organocatalysis; Lewis base catalysis; kinetic resolution; catalyst design. Abstract. Since their discovery
Chemfile vol.6 no 4
describes applications of our existing products in the field of organocatalysis as well as exciting new additions to our organocatalysis portfolio. At Sigma-Aldrich, we are committed to being your preferred
Aldrichimica Acta Volume 50 Number 1
Diels–Alder reactions, Michael additions, and other transformations.19 This privileged role in organocatalysis has led, in the last fifteen years, to the development of a great number of derivatives, that
Chemfile vol.6 no 10
International patents pending). Additions and Corrections to ChemFiles Vol. 6 No. 4 “Asymmetric Organocatalysis” Cinchona Alkaloids – Desymmetrization Page 7, Paragraph 4, Scheme 13. The diamine catalysts
Acta Interactive Archive Vol 51
Ylides 2.1. Greener Wittig Reactions 2.1.1. Catalytic 2.1.2. Halide- and Base-free 2.2. Organocatalysis for CO2 Activation 3. Sulfonium and Sulfoxonium Ylides 3.1. Sustainable Synthesis of Sulfur

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