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Chemfile vol.6 no 4
H CO2HMW: 115.13 [a] –84.7° ± 1°, c = 4 in water [147-85-3] P0380-10MG 10 mg 12.00 P0380-100G 100 g 52.00 P0380-1KG 1 kg 356.50 P0380-5KG 5 kg 1,533.60 L-Proline, BioChemika, ;99.0% NT C5H9NO2
Nutrition Research
P7936-10MG O-Phospho-L-serine P0878-10MG Prephenic acid barium salt P2384-10MG L-Proline P0380-10MG Sarcosine S7672-10MG L-Serine S4500-10MG Shikimic acid S5375-10MG Sodium 2-oxobutyrate
Kits and Reagents for Metabolic and Dietary Research
M5308-10MG M1126-10MG O2375-10MG P5482-10MG P0378-10MG P7936-10MG P0878-10MG P2384-10MG P0380-10MG S7672-10MG S4500-10MG S5375-10MG K0875-10MG P8001-10MG S7129-25MG T0625-10MG T8441-10MG T1660

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