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Kyoko Hanawa-Suetsugu et al.
Nature communications, 10(1), 4763-4763 (2019-10-20)
Phagocytosis is a cellular process for internalization of micron-sized large particles including pathogens. The Bin-Amphiphysin-Rvs167 (BAR) domain proteins, including the FCH-BAR (F-BAR) domain proteins, impose specific morphologies on lipid membranes. Most BAR domain proteins are thought to form membrane invaginations
Exposure of platelet membrane phosphatidylserine regulates blood coagulation
Lentz BR
Progress in Lipid Research, 42(5), 423-438 (2003)
TIMP-1-GPI in combination with hyperthermic treatment of melanoma increases sensitivity to FAS-mediated apoptosis
Djafarzadeh R, et al.
Cancer Immunology, Immunotherapy, 58(3), 361-361 (2009)
The role of phosphatidylserine in recognition and removal of erythrocytes.
Kuypers FD
Cellular and molecular biology (Noisy-le-Grand, France), 50(2), 147-158 (2004)
Julien Perino et al.
Antiviral research, 89(1), 89-97 (2010-11-26)
Vaccinia virus (VACV) was used as a surrogate of Variola virus (genus Orthopoxvirus), the causative agent of smallpox, to study orthopoxvirus infection via the respiratory airway. Lung surfactant, a physiological barrier to infection encountered by the virus, is predominantly composed
Phosphatidylserine exposure during apoptosis is a cell-type-specific event and does not correlate with plasma membrane phospholipid scramblase expression
Fadeel B, et al.
Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, 266(2), 504-511 (1999)
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