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Confidence Without Compromise
Critical factors for improving results in molecular biology research include high-yield sample preparation, polymerase robustness, and high-quality oligo primers. Accelerate your goals with these innovative products and services.
DNA/RNA Purification Cross Reference
Cross reference sheet matching GenElute™ nucleic acid purification products to Qiagen® nucleic acid purification products.
Plasmid DNA Purification
Plasmids purified from genomic DNA, proteins, ribosomes, and the bacterial cell wall are used in molecular biology research. Various methods have been developed for plasmid DNA purification.
Plasmid DNA Purification
Plasmid DNA purification kits offered in miniprep, midiprep, maxiprep, and gigaprep sizes for small to large scale purification of plasmid DNA for molecular cloning, transformation, and recombinant protein expression applications.
Blue-White Screening & Protocols for Colony Selection
Learn about and find protocols for the blue white screen technique used in molecular biology research to identify recombinant bacterial clones for further analysis.
PTK/PTP Expression Profiling
PTK/PTP Expression Profiling
Cancer Research Techniques
By focusing on analysis techniques and protocols specific for Cancer Research, we are putting your research needs first. Protein Tyrosine Kinase and Phosphatase Expression Profiling in Cancer Research.
Selecting Correctly Expressing Recombinants
Blue White Screening; DNA Minipreps; Screening by Restriction Digestion; Screening by PCR; Confirm cut plasmid sizes by agarose gel electrophoresis; DNA Maxipreps; DNA Precipitation; RNase Treatment; Clean-up of DNA